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Thursday, September 30, 2004

Yeh. That's how we livin' and ya know.

A superdope homeboy from Oaktown once said...
"That's word, because you know"

can't touch this.

post time fudged for placement

Panoramic Quicktime

I have been widely known to LOATHE quicktime, mainly for the un-resize-y-ness. That, and to watch Apple film trailers, I now have to use a completely different program. Stoopud.

http://www.panoramas.dk/ is a listing and archive for large (many are fullscreen) high resolution, insanely immersive Quicktime VR panorama presentations. Stunning, beautiful, amazing. I heart panoramas.dk. The September 11 memorial presentation showing the two lightbeams was so clear and perfectly exposed. The UN one is interesting in that you can see that Luxenbourg and Lithuania hare forced to sit at the back of the room. I hope they remembered their glasses. There's also interesting to learn the UN believes in equal rights for hippy artists. Far Out. A still is posted in my Flickr account
Last night I got to walk around the ROM in the dark afterhours and eat brisket. Not at the same time though. Someday, someday.

Monday, September 27, 2004

When is the worst time to run out of Mustard?

This is.

In my naivete I actually searched for "wiener" on google for that edit on the KidKoala post. Thankfully I had the default parental controls racheted up. I found my way back, through a broken link, to this lovely, and crunchy find.

Sony PSP/Nintendo DS handheld sneak peaks.

Nintendo launches Nintendo DS website in Japan, and Nintendo DS television commercials. Both heavily promote the DS touchscreen, even branding the new site "touchds.jp". Keep the pervy jokes to yourself. Check out the media section for two clips from Nintendo's TV Commercials for the DS. (to aide you in the insanity that is their full page flash nightmare, "touch" the splash page and look for either of the reddish blobs with Utada Hikaru molesting the handheld.
edit: Fuck I hate that site. The blobs actually change position every time you visit. There's a hit counter ticking off the number of times it gets "touched". That reminds me of an ex-girlfriend of mine.
On the US Nintendo side, a new DS product page displays a release date of November 21 at a price point of $149.99. It also features developer quotes (uhh who the fuck cares?) and a severe lack of Utada Hikaru.
Note this release date is well withing tolerances for a belated birthday present for me.
Sony exhibits the PlayStation Portable with whorey models!
Wireless Watch Japan, who may or may not have mistaken the PSP for a wireless watch, has posted video of the Tokyo Game Show 2004.
I4U reports: "The video shows actual game play of the Sony PSP. The screen of the PSP just looks amazing. It is a pitty that we have to wait till next year to get a Sony PSP outside of Japan. There is still no exact date and price for the Sony PSP in Japan. The Video shows also Sony's nice idea to have models run around at the show with Sony PSP game consoles on their belts to offer visitors to try the PSP. " mmm game sluts.
Jay reports: WatchWatchers or whatever is getting a kickass throughput of 14KB/s, so I'll host this when it finishes downloading.....in 30 min.

edit-> ok PSP vid here

Sunday, September 26, 2004

Stuff I didn't know existed. (geeky)

Have you ever heard of a "Balun"
I gather it's a passive adapter for video/audio sources to convert to Cat 5. That's normal internet style wires that has an end like a telephone cord. Check this out.
CableTV to RJ45 Balun: Run Cat5 (easy) where you would normally have to run cable lines (annoying). Works like regular cable lines for analog channels up to 77. I'm pretty certain that the digital channels run in between the lower channels, so this would work with a receiver. Hmm
SVideo and Audio over Cat5: Here's where it gets interesting. With all the talk of Personal Video Recorders and Home Theatre Computers, this may be the solution. Hide the computer in a closet on the other side of the room, and run the signals over a single wire. Control the PC with a Gyration "in-air" mouse.
Shit, there is so much I don't know about everything.

Fwd: Well, It would take your mind off the foamy beer...(Engadget)

Chris Says:

Looks like the former axis countries are on a dubious invention streak:


BTW thanks for posting the beer foamer on your blog, I'm already
getting hate mail from a guy called Rudolf Hister in Buenos Aries.

Why not post this too. So I can look sexist AND racist.

You looked like hell on the web cam. Have you given up sleeping?

Jay say: As you wish multi-hater.

Saturday, September 25, 2004

Kid Koala->BullFrog Oct.1st $10@Revival

jtron declares mandatory rhumba!

Hello my clever robot compatriots. I have emerged from recharging cradle and interfaced my interweb device for this special social uplink. This upcoming Friday, the Bullfrog unit is playing a gig at Revival that is sure to get your servos oscillating.

Tickets are $10 in CDN human dollars (silly humans)
Edit-> Tix are $16 for Ticketmaster printy style or $10 @ Rotate This!
If you do not go you are a big wiener. (worksafe)

Bullfrog is: http://www.bullfrog.com

Kid Koala: Turntablism
Mark Robertson: Guitar/Vocals
Peter Santiago: Bass/Drums
Ian Babb: Sax/Flute
Gutierrez: Brazilian Drums

"The “Bullfrog Theme” is a great example. Sounding very much like the Beastie Boys’ (who aren’t particularly talented musicians at all but manage to make very appealing, low-key, funk – further proof of the sum of the parts theory) instrumental funk numbers, the theme is constructed upon a “Gratitude”-esque bassline, some slow-motion disco guitar, and Koala’s impressive turntable imitation of a frog’s croak.
"Koala’s restrained contributions are simply one integral factor in the musical sum that is Bullfrog’s funck." Bullfrog isn’t stuck with any one style though on their self-titled EP. “Isn’t So Bad” sounds like a mellow Sly Stone, or even an Aretha tune, with guitarist Mark Robertson doing his best soulful crooning (with some vocal manipulation by Koala) over a melodic ‘60s soul type track. “Mark after Dark” is another soulful love jam, featuring jazzy yet folky guitar reminiscent of Terry Callier. “Snakeskin” showcases bassist Peter Santiago’s Larry Graham stylee while the hidden “Extra Track” could almost be on Koala’s Carpal Tunnel… LP, with Bullfrog’s 3 bar loop replacing a sample over which Koala cuts and pastes a series of hilarious cheesy pick up lines and shut downs. The moral is, if you’ve never heard of Kid Koala, this is Bullfrog, you’ll like them. If you have heard of Kid Koala, forget he’s in the band. This is Bullfrog, you’ll like them."

Robert Whiteman@ AudioGalaxy

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

bikes are stupid cont'd

I somehow negotiated a free brake/gear tuning. So that was good. That's all that was good.
A bird dropped out of a tree right in front of me and broke its leg then flapped into traffic. I moved it off the road with a leafy branch and poured some coke beside it. Coke must mend bird legs because it was gone when I came back. My legs became very tired.
I bug flew into my mouth and I ate it, I figured I could use the roughage.
And finally, to repay the free tune up I picked up a biking accessory, given my already superiorly cooshy seat, the only cheap/easy way to improve the comfort of my ride....
I am now wearing biking pants.
Stupid bike.

Fwd: supposed to be working

Chris says:
damn it. I'm supposed to be working, but this is just too good.
Finally the drinking accessory I've been waiting for. No, wait why
would you ever want this. Who stands around wishing they had more head
on their beer? Stupid Germans. No wonder they lost the war.

Germans: Please send all complaints and threats directly to Chris...after you finish your beer.

Big stupid bike ride

So yesterday at 4ish i decided to go on a bit of an adventure. I rode from the bottom left of that image, pretty much to the top right. Look at the key, although it may only me a small part of your screen, it's actually much bigger in real life. Don't be ridiculous.
What did I learn?
1. People sell pot by the lake here, and seem to be doing quite well.
2. Kids at private schools really should be smoking less dope.
3. Kids at private schools have private patios in front of their exquisitely furnished dorms...where they smoke dope.
4. Opening a water bottle and biking is hard to deal with.
5. So is having your fumbled bottle crushed by a luxury car.
6. You can bike anywhere with enough Advil and cola.
7. I can successfully give cable internet, wireless router and security support while biking.
8. No one will ever care about the above.
9. The bigger the house, the more sad people's kids look.
10. Bikes are stupid.

Live Bookmarks in Firefox, no mo RSS readers

Live Bookmarks is a new technology in Firefox that lets you view RSS news and blog headlines in the bookmarks toolbar or bookmarks menu. With one glance, quickly see the latest headlines from your favorite sites.
RSS (an acronym for "Rich Site Summary" and later coined "Really Simple Syndication") is a way for web sites to summarize their content, such as news articles, to make it available in a different view.

Jay say: Consequently, this site has RSS, I totally knew that...um, really.

Sunday, September 19, 2004

Peer2Mail-Store&Share files on GMail

Peer2Mail is the first software that let you store and share files on your web-mail account. If you have a web mail account with large storage space, you can use P2M to store files on it. Web-mail providers such as Gmail (Google Mail), Walla!, Yahoo and more, provide storage space that ranges from 100MB to 2GB. P2M splits the file you want to share/store zips and optionally encrypts it. P2M then sends the file segments one by one to your account. Once P2M uploaded all file segments, you can download them and use P2M to merge the segments back to the original file.Peer2Mail is 100% FREE.

Saturday, September 18, 2004

2.5mm to RJ11 adapter, cont'd

It works, but need usb power. Hmm.

39.96CDN 2.5mm to RJ11 Adapter
5.99CDn 2.5mm to 3.5mm adapter
6.99(max)3.5mm to 2 x 3.5mm splitter
13.99CDN AC to USB power adapter
66.93CDN + tax/shipping

Cell socket: 139.90 USD=181.92CDN+shipping/import

Christ I'm boring.

Friday, September 17, 2004

Things from the lovely people @ Sony

Recouping from crushing defeat stemming from technical problems with creating my position at the new company, I decided to throw myself into the loving arms of Jasbir Singh, my favorite Eaton's Centre Sony Store salesman in Toronto. I have given that man a great deal of my earnings so I knew he'd have the suga papa needed.
edit...screw it, I had analysis and descriptions, but really the pictures.....the pictures!
$449.9995 x 44.3 x 25.7mm in size (crazy small)
so small

$699.99 note:100th post.

Thursday, September 16, 2004

The black circle

First watch Doug Pray's Doc "Scratch" and get very excited about DJing and collecting records
Friday, September 17 at 8 PM ET on the Documentary Channel

Then watch Vinyl and really get a taste of what the disease is all about.
Tuesday, September 21 at 10 PM ET on the Documantary Channel

DJ Shadow doesn't look quite so sane anymore does he.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

No Job for Jay.


Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Ghost in The Shell 2: Innocence countdown.

Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence will be showing in limited release starting September 17th.
For anyone in the GTA, now you should feel stupid. It was shown TWICE at the Ryerson screen during the festival. http://snipurl.com/92hm
3:33, the Jtronforce has not recieved it's notice regarding upgrade.

Monday, September 13, 2004

A reponse from the Iraqi resistance. (Video)

A statement made to British News sources from an Iraqi Resistance member in Northern Iraq.
Very much worth viewing. No one gets shot, not bloodshed or gore.

Sunday, September 12, 2004

Shaun of the Dead (out on DVD UK, Theatrical release in US/CAN Sept 24.

US homepage: http://www.shaunofthedeadmovie.com
UK homepage: http://uip.co.uk/romzom/
I stumbled on this flick googling for Kid Koala's closing track from his Opera House gig whenever that was (still haven't found it). Kid Koala remixes a track (from Deawn of the Dead I think)
On second viewing "Shaun of the Dead" still looks funny. Spoofing the horror genre in general, this ROMZOMCOM (romancezombiecomedy) beings with a group of guys out for a pint but quickly find themselves battling zombies, while the lead character tries to reconcile with his gf. It's out on DVD in the UK as of the 6th, and will open on North American screens on the 24th. Me thinks the internet will be hanging the "now playing" plackard for this film before US theatres do. I'll try and think positive. And notice it's from Focus, clever bastards.
US trailer: http://snipurl.com/90pj (Batman)
UK trailer: http://snipurl.com/90pv (Dire Straits)

Saturday, September 11, 2004

A bike ride with NZ's Illicit Clothing label artist MISERY (mov)

http://www.illicit.co.nz/video/misery_ISDN.mov approx 30sec wait. (it's from far away.)
IF you can cut through the NZ accent, you'll get an understanding of the brainwork behind Illicit Clothing's resident graf artist, "Misery". Besides being "mad-styles" hot, her work is really very good. She maintains the cherub theme throughout her work. She manages to make it uniquely her own using drips and crazy backgrounds provided by a compatriot we also meet.
Link is actually from the NickSagan.com website. His book Idlewild is one part Enders Game, one part Matrix and pretty entertaining, despite bugging me a few times with logistic oddities. A notorious non-reader, I devoured this thing in a few short sittings. I've picked up the sequel Edenborn. I'll let you know how it is.
Yes it is Carl Sagan's son. Greetings from the children of hip-hop.
Also, just watched the first episode of DeltaState, much weirder art, much more basic script than I had expected, but I'll withhold judgment until papasnapstream shows me a few more episodes.
PS. I'm officially losing my anxious little mind. (work)
Now I will drink beer.

Folding @Home Distributed Computing with REAL Purpose

The Folding@home project is a Distributed Computing effort to study the folding of proteins. Proteins are responsible for many functions at the cellular level. The project is studying the way proteins fold and misfold. A misfolded protein can cause such diseases as Cystic Fibrosis and Alzheimer’s. To make proteins, cellular machines known as ribosomes, string together amino acids into long linear chains. Like a rope, these chains loop about each other in a variety of ways (i.e., they fold). But, as with a tying a knot, only one of these many ways allows the protein to function properly. Yet lack of function is not always the worst scenario. For just as a hopelessly knotted rope can be worse than one that won't stay tied, too much of a misfolded protein could be worse than too little of a normally folded one. This is because misfolded proteins can clump together, if this happens within the brain the result can be BSE (Mad Cow Disease).
The official download site can be found at http://folding.stanford.edu/download.html. There are three Windows versions available for download along with versions for Linux, and Mac OS X systems

Use your home cordless or regular phone to talk on your cellular

I am a very cheap man, that doesnt sleep very well.
Thanks to the wonders of Snapstream I just watched a Screen Savers feature on "Cell Socket" (which is actually a Pulver Innovation). CellSocket rules, but it's only available in Motorola pinouts which is mostly for the charging capabilities I assume. So I googled around for a stereo 2.5mm or 3.5mm to RJ11 adapter.

It doesn't exist..yet.. However, why wouldn't this work?
really really good looking diagram ->http://j1.ca/jtron/ph.jpg

2.5mm female plugs exist or can be adapted to fit all cell phones for headsets.
That can be adapted to a stereo 3.5mm female plug
Y split the 3.5mm plug in the phone to 2 RCA ends L/R (earpiece/mic feeds seperated)
Two of these http://snipurl.com/8zuv set one to record and one to playback
adapt the RCA end of the Y splitter to 3.5mm Female and complete the connections.
connect the 2 rj11 ends of the phone recorders to a regular phone line splitter like the one that comes with your DSL modem. Connect the single lead in side to a regular phone.

After all those connections, gain might be an issue, but the audio paths make total sense.

And then there's always this thing. It could take the Left and Right (mic/speaker) audio without the last few steps. It says it needs USB power only to "wake up" certain types of phones. If i still care about this in a week, perhaps I'll try it out.
sleepnow. zzz

Thursday, September 09, 2004

Delta State new series on TeleToon (Rostoscopy)

4 minute Realmedia Preview
Alphanim.com link

DELTA STATE First series ever to use digital rotoscopy and combine live footage with computer graphics, the show benefits from both the dynamism of live action and the richness of a high-quality animation. The main characters are four super "anti"-heroes in their early twenties who peacefully share an apartment together. They also share an amnesia that goes back to the day they first met...
Since this very day, they have supernatural powers. They find out they are the only ones who can rid humanity of the Rifters, these mysterious entities that seek control of the human minds... Their fight will essentially take place in a strange parallel world called "The Delta Phase", a world to explore so that they can get the missing pieces of their past back...

Already won Best Animated Episode FICCI FRAMES 2004 and Annecey Amination Festival Special Prize for a TV Series.

Teletoon.com has a link within their craptastic web page, and KidLoco (who provides soundtrack work) has the brief posted above. You'll have to watch to see if the rotoscope goodness is matched with a tolerable script. MAKE TIFAUX GO NOW!
First Episode Airs August 11th:10pm, 12th:12:30am, 13th:12:30am

$2 off free hamburgers. Most incredible use of flash...EVahRr

Whooo man, you better watch out for the Rock Monster.
Credit where credit is due, all this work made my jaw drop, then shoot red dots.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Free ".info" domain registrations

For a limited time these guys are allowung up to 25 free dot info
domain registrations. Additional dot info registrations will cost you
$3.99 per year.
Why exactly do you need a pricing for a 26th domain? Who the hell
needs more than one domain let alone 25! ITS MADNESS I TELL YOU.
Please visit my new domain "peopledontneed25domains.info"

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

SayMail: Add voice to images of your friends

Possibly the creepiest free ecard service to pop up, SayMail allows you to upload Jpegs and map movement points to faces. Type in your message, and their text-to-speech engine spits out a small Java based output. Clips are complete with eye blinks and nods.
Check out my example based on my friend Matt, who notoriously despised our wine swilling hippy neighbors, yet just purchased himself a guitar. Rock on Matty. http://snipurl.com/matty

Monday, September 06, 2004

Rasterbator goes full colour

The Rasterbator is a web service which creates huge rasterized pictures out of relatively small image files. The pictures can be assembled into extremely cool looking posters up to 20 meters in size!
The Rasterbator is very easy to use. You can either upload a file from your computer or use any file that is publicly available in the internet. After you have cropped and selected a desired size for the image, the rasterbated image will be sent to you as an easily printable pdf file.
j-precviously outputs were available only in black and white monochrome. Now, you have the option to choose your monochrome base colour, or a approximate colour match to produce images much like original.

Saturday, September 04, 2004

An open letter (to a webhost)

Canaca is a Webhost here in Ontario that offers some fantastic rates.
I'm paying $3.95 US (although it is based in Mississauga).
1. File transfers fail randomly for no apparent reason.
2. My site was down for an undetermined amount of time in the past 3 days, no warning or notice given, and no explanation.
3. The contents of my folder were reset, removing the forwarding code to this blog.
4. The "Emergency" support that would ensure a callback in 15 minutes, resulted in an emailed response....the following day.

I realize this site is pointless and purely for my own amusement, but I still pay for a product.
Get it together.

Thursday, September 02, 2004

Spiderman is........DOOGIE!

Talk about missing the boat on this one. MTV produced 13 episodes of Spiderman in full beautiful CGI. The series featured theme music produced by John Digweed and voice talent from Lisa Loeb, Doogie Howser and Ian Zeiring from 90210. I saw an episode last Friday and it looked awesome, even through a beery squint. Problem is I dont know if it was on YTV or MTV and now I can't find a listing for it.
Must buy DVD and curse Doogie.
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