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Thursday, October 28, 2004

John Peel 1939 - 2004

Broadcaster John Peel was the champion of British music for nearly 40 years on his late-night Radio 1 show. He led the way in promoting new acts, from David Bowie, through Joy Division to the White Stripes.
I remember listening to the John Peel show rebroadcasts on my parents stereo. I think it played a huge part in my interest in radio and music in general. This is not one of those subjects that you can easily write a blurb about. Take the time to go through the astounding list of contributions he made to the music community. Maybe celebrate his life by enjoying the music he helped share with the world.
BBC's obituary (realaudio)
Der Vinylizer has posted a tribute as well with a live mix from Simon Begg/Buckfunk 3000

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Self-taught car mechanic has built an engine that runs on fumes

STLtoday - News - St. Louis City / County
When gasoline is burned in a car engine, only about 20 percent of it goes to power the wheels, the rest produces wasted heat and is burned off as excess fuel in the catalytic converter, valves and pistons. Caine thought that seemed like a waste, so he built a device that sucks the gasoline off before it reaches the carburetor, heats it until it vaporizes, then pumps the resulting fumes into the intake manifold to power the engine. The result, he says, is a car that runs smoother and produces fewer emissions on less gas. Caine says a car that gets 20 miles from a gallon of gasoline could go 100 miles on the same gallon with his vaporizer in place.

Wot G'wan? TOO MUCH!

Saturday October 30th
Roy Davis Jr w Peter&Tyrone@ "ARC" 26 Lombard $10/15
UNKLE:James Lavelle&Richard File“decks/efx”video/audio No Adv.Tix::GUV$15/20
Ron Trent at RNB:Sunnyside Pavillion-on the outdoor heated patio $14 adv
Thomas Krome::Sound Emporium/Klinik 360AdelaideW $35
Ed Rush, Optical and MC GQ at Destiny::the docks $35
4x4 Vol2 Kenny Glasgow vs. Evil P&Addy vs. Myka::System $10/15

Leisure::Steve Yanko, Andrew Allsgood, Mike Sitchon 111 Bathurst St. 12am onward $?

Where to find listings for stuff in Toronto (ongoing)
http://www.eye.net/beat (beats per week)
http://www.martiniboys.com/pages/raves.htm (not for the lactose intolerant)

Sunday, October 24, 2004

Ashlee Simpson - you poor sod.

Ashlee Simpson's totally exposed herself as a lip synch artist last night on SNL, and a poor one at that. Beginning her second performance, a lip sync track began playing while the mic was no where near her face...for a song she already sang. There was no attempt to cover or continue.
Geffen Records blamed the computers, which supposedly also prevented her from even trying to sing the right track. The band just continued on repeating the track as the fake vocal track dropped off, and she did this nervous dance, I presume associated with the realization that she was fully taking it in the butt on live tv. Crushed, she walked off the stage and sold out her band, blaming them for playing the wrong song.
There can only be one conclusion. Her anti-shit-mo-tron computer achieved sentience like Johnny5 in Short Circuit, realized it's purpose and what it had done and fried itself.
Check out the video. I can't stop watching it. (QT)
So long Anti-Shitmotron, so long.

Things to solder (aka fun with second degree burns)

diy external ipod battery pack - hack a day - www.hackaday.com
Specifically reserved for those who invested in a lot of X-Box modding type soldering equipment, and are looking for projects.
http://www.hackaday.com is OK, some oldish and not so 1337 stuff but amusing nonetheless.

EverNote: (BETA ALERT)

EverNote - EverNote
Interesting concept:"EverNote makes it easy to store and quickly access typed and handwritten memos, webpage excerpts, emails, phone messages, addresses, passwords, brainstorms, sketches, documents and more" Content is stored on an endless, virtual time-stamped roll of paper that allows you to quickly jump to a note.
JaySay:With my luck I'll get hooked, use it on my laptop for a few years, then forget to write in "remember not to have laptop stolen"
from geek.com

Saturday, October 23, 2004

Not a puzzle, Not really a game, completely amusing, (shockwave)

You're the middle plane. Aim back at the direction (you think) you came from...trails from your flight path. Crazy.

Friday, October 22, 2004

Q-Burns Abstract Message listening party

Bef0re there was Napster there were straight up illegal MP3 hosting websites. Around the same time I started listening to the Coldcut Solid Steel radio show through these sites, B-Burns popped up. Since then not much has been released. The hiatus has ended and the new material can be previewed courtesy of BoingBoing.net. They truely are a Collection of Wonderful People.
Yes this link is both cross-posted and 2 days old but hey, I have a cold

Thursday, October 21, 2004

It's Just Letters....or is it.

Ok so it's me who keeps writing "Down with Megatron"
Sorry, but he needs to learn. It's (again) going against my cross-posting rule but something so very addictive must be shared like cocaine and tobacco. I'll trade you for that kick ass wumpum.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

OQO (Palmtop computer) SHIPS.

I'd like to thank OQO for waiting to release V1.0 until after I bought my Toshi R100. Jerk asses.

The OQO is a tiny 5x3.5in and weighs 14oz. The OQO runs a power sipping Transmeta Crusoe 1Ghz processor yet the battery created to fit this tiny form factor can only manage 3 hours. Perhaps because of this, addtional batteries are shipping at $99 during the launch. Standard is a 20GB hard drive and a skant 256MB memory. Not certain if there is an upgrade process. I love the whole concept of the hidey keyboard and small formfactor. Dispite the premium price, I hope this begins the trend towards miniturized full funtionality computing. I waanit.
Price $1899 USD. OQO, send me a test unit. jtronforce at g mail dot com.

Jon Stewart's response to Crossfire appearance (realvideo)

http://www.ifilm.com/ifilmdetail/2653047 (realvideo
Clip from Monday's Daily Show monologue.

Flinty no likey Macarena

Former Prodigy star assaults Imperial student at Union
Click for full Story

He was performing with his new band "Clever Brains Fryin" Trying to find tracks online I came across this. I pray it's is a parody:
The actual release "Oozy" here: http://www.nekozine.co.uk/cbf/index.html (flash)
I think Axl and Keith need to chat. I would still pay to see the Prodigy tho.

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Jon Stewart on Crossfire

If you haven't already, check out the video of Jon Stewart on Crossfire.
BoingBoing has links to the Bittorrent p2p download.
view it directly: here (realvideo)

Zoom Zoom


No not the supercool kids show from the 80s.
Interactive flash presentation zooming into a series of stepped images that loop back to create a seamless passage through the center of the (freaky) painting. Awwww freakout! doodoodoo do do bicadoodoodoo

Saturday, October 16, 2004

Too much Tony Hawk Underground 2

Jaysay: Eyecandy and trivia for now. I need to research whether it's this guy's choons I drooled over tonight maaaaah/ Will either bump or delete shortly, for now enjoy the pretty colours and moving shapes.

Tommy Guererro: musician/skater (BonesBrigade) footage (embedded realvideo)

Darrell Stanton performs 16 Stair Nollie=well filmed big jump (embedded flash)
http://www.realskateboards.com/sdm.html (*special*)
Real Skateboards

Tommy Guerrero is a legend in the skateboarding world. An original member of the famous Bones Brigade skateboarding team, Guerrero pioneered street skating in the 1980s and 1990s. Though he still skates and designs skateboards, lately Guerrero has been following his musical passions. He has recorded several releases under his own name and two LPs with Jet Black Crayon, as well as doing guest spots on a number of other projects. Though writers and critics are fond of calling him an ex-professional skater turned musician, Guerrero is quick to point out that music has always been a part of his life, a track that has run parallel to his more public persona as a skater. Guerrero made his name in skateboarding in 1984 when, as a young teenager, he entered the first streetskating competition, held in Golden Gate Park. The only amateur involved in the event, Guerrero won, beating out 15 well-known professionals. Propelled by this unprecedented success, Guerrero went pro, signing to the Powell Peralta skate team. Over the following years, Guerrero remained at the forefront of street skating, and in 1990, he helped found Real/Deluxe Skateboards, a San Francisco-based company that designs boards for skaters by skaters.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Nextmen Mixtape

This is the craziest mashup programming I've ever heard. Through 80ish minutes the NextMen forego their usually nuskool breakbeatyness and treat us to a schizo mix lurching from soul/funk/rare groove->hiphop->R&B->jungle etc etc etc. Some of the tracks are a bit aged, but still make me chair dance. Originally available only at live shows, Der Vinylizer posted the MP3 here:

Check out that file, it'll give you an idea if you want to spend 20min or so (broadband) downloading the cd. I've cut track numbers into the original non-stop mix so you can skip through the "lessons". The RAR'd CD image can be downloaded (for now) at:
http://j1.ca/Nextmen-PrivateLesson.rar (591MB)

You'll need WinRar/Filzip to decompress the file and Nero to burn the image
http://www.filzip.com (free RAR)
http://www.nero.com/us/download_nero.php?pak=1 (Nero demo)

Before the DirtChamber sessions. Liam (Prodigy) Howlett live '93

In keeping with this weeks theme, honouring parties past, I present a 29:34 mix by the brains and skillz behind the UKs The Prodigy. I know you may think they're played out now, but back then they were the underground sound. I remember dialing up on my 14.4 modem through the Worlds Biggest Bookstore BBS, opening "alt.raves" wacked out of my gourd and posting the immortal words "Toronto needs the Prodigy" then in the body "teach our speakers" or some crap like that. Then waking up the next...evening, garbage bags on windows having served their purpose and reading it attached to MY handle, which back then was "Bug:Lite" (thought of quickly when fishing for a cool nick calling into James Saint Bass' Show "HARDDRIVE" on CIUT 89.5fm before the funding debacle-I had just changed the lamps in the backyard, and was probably requesting something I had heard on Dr.Trance's guide-you-to-the-party Saturday Night Radioshow or the Sheppard's/DogWhistle "Pirate Radio" show or on Pseudo.com NYC webcasts of "Freq" on the internet)
ANYWAY: This is a mix of Liam Howlett spinning a live set in '93 before the Dallas leg of "A Rave New World" that featured Prodigy, Moby and Cybersonic. *sigh* remind me to buy a Delorian.
-about half way through the mix starts to get memorable. I had to pause twice to fight lockjaw.

Check out the Prodigy's new video for "Girls" on Maverick's website.
http://www.xlrecordings.com/prodigy (label site)
http://www.theprodigy.com/main.html (official) WARNING-may burn out your retinas.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Greeting card for Chris' X-Box

Chris Says: Say a prayer for the Little Guy.
I bought a modchip for my xbox.
So it'll be going under the soldering iron next week. Found out that I
have a verion 1.0 so the holes where the modchip would go are filled
in and need to be desoldered. Expert outside help is being brought in.

JaySay: Why isn't there a greeting card for such a monumentous and stressful occasion. A heartfelt "I hope your soldering goes well" or "Hope your upgrade is completed without total system failure". The closest I could find follows below

edit: for PS2 ppl not wanting to crack open their cases to archive (their fully purchased) games, HDLoader solution works well. Finding a reputable website this late in the game might be an issue however.

skyNet access restricted within Jtronforce Compound

If you or your fembot are planning a visit to the Jtronforce compound this cycle, be forewarned that 'net access is being restricted for all helper class 2 robots. Facility wide bandwidth consumption reached critical levels yesterday causing failures in both the slashdot.org and boingboing.net monitor stations. The cause? Someone in sector 7 has been clogging port 80 with access requests to this purveyor of filth: http://tinyurl.com/6l9o6
Also remember the VOTE is coming up soon. Last year we reached only 80% voting capacity. This operation was very inefficient. Read up on your nominees here: http://snipurl.com/rocktherobovote
*end transmission*

Monday, October 11, 2004

Last Detroit party I went to / SNEAK'S BDAY


I can't tell you how happy I am I stumbled/googled (goobled?) upon this. Maybe 3 months ago I spent a day trying to find pics from that night. Abandoned Theatre, superstar DJs, 2000 kids. One day preparation. Only in Detroit, only 4 years ago. Featured in that photoset is one...
DJ Sneak
(did you know you can link to google thumbnails?!)
Sneak's Birthday Beats is at the Docks this year on November 6th. Tix are $30 + service fee online. Despite a potential overcrowded mess, I must go. The lineup is so good, it hurts my brain to think about it. Trying to keep expectations low, as long as there is flooring and amplified sound I'll be happy. Promoters: Roofing would be considerate as well.
Derrick Carter, Mark Farina, DJ Sneak, DJ Heather
Special Guests:
The Cosmic Twins: Derrick May (Detroit) & Francois K (NYC)
All World Entertainment DJs:
East Coast Boogiemen (D.C.), Jason Hodges, Wally Callerio (CA), Hector Moralez (Oakland, CA)
J- Dub (Chicago), DJ Gryphon, Tim Patrick, Chuck Daniels (Detroit), Teeloo's Kitchen, Dom G (Calgary)
& Big League Chu, Dave Saddler

-sneak beats (the record store) is sold out of tickets for Sneak's Beats (the party)

Wipe well. (boogie-flash)


Video by "dot NL" band C-Mon and Kypski. Note: When you're more than two people it's impolite to use 2 names, unless you rotate every few days.
This vid is homebrew apparently and is most definitely not shitty. Poking around their website and watching videos I couldn't understand showed them throwing a party at what looked like a cathedral hall. Live via videoscreen and walkee-talkee they cued the bell-ringer-guy chime an intro and the band spun into it. Doooope. Of course there is no live audio during that portion of the video...I suspect that was shitty bum. A for ingenuity though, topped only by one other venue, posted above. Derelict Detroit theatre hall.

Rave History Audio

Rave History Audio realaudio, mp3 and some video of oldschool tracks I still love.

Robot home movies

Robots: story of a young genius who wants his robots to make the world a better place.

Stripy of Little Robots:
story of an English robot named Stripy, who is striped, and likes to garden.

MonsieurIIP: story of a small bluetooth robot made from watch parts.
(old but still cool)
story of a small bluetooth robot made from watch parts.
And more recently (Aug/04) the mirco-flying robot (with video) http://www.epson.co.jp/e/newsroom/news_2004_08_18.htm

Saturday, October 09, 2004

Mercedes Benz "smart" released in Toronto

smart Canada home
Mercedes-Benz Canada opens the first smart showroom in North America
October 4, 2004. The first North American smart showroom was officially opened today at Mercedes-Benz Midtown, Mercedes-Benz Canada's newest flagship retail location in Toronto. This important event is the culmination of many months of planning for the launch of the smart brand in Canada, further to Mercedes-Benz Canada's announcement at the Canadian International Auto Show in February 2004 that it would bring the smart brand and smart fortwo coupe and fortwo cabriolet cdi models to the Canadian market in the fall of this year.
The smart Canada dealer network will consist of approximately 40 smart Centres (authorized smart sales and service dealers) that will open between the beginning of October and the end of November. In the first phase, most smart Centres will be designed as "shop-in-shop" concepts and will be integrated into existing Mercedes-Benz dealerships, all of which are strategically and conveniently located across the country.
The smart fortwo coupe cdi starts at $16,500 while the smart fortwo cabriolet cdi will retail from $19,500. Both models will be available for sale as of today in three design lines: pure, pulse and passion. More detailed information about smart in Canada is available at www.thesmart.ca. For images, please visit our media site at www.media.thesmart.ca.

Friday, October 08, 2004

The terrible truth about Vitamin Puppy, and other stupidities

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Zombie College

Zombie College: Background
:: 01 - Shock (1 161 467B) alternate
:: 02 - Bargaining (1 426 032B) alternate
:: 03 - Anger (1 240 984B) alternate
:: 04 - Fear (1 924 257B) alternate
:: 05 - Denial (1 486 467B) alternate
:: 06 - Acceptance (1 628 830B) alternate
:: 07 - A-Whop-Zomb-A-Loo-Bop (2 119 791B) alternate
:: 08 - The Birth of Tragedy from the Zombies of Music (1 895 968B) alternate
:: 09 - Scott as Educator (2 058 338B) alternate
:: 10 - The Will to Devour (1 814 082B)
:: 11 - Zombie, All to Zombie (1 973 397B)
:: 12 - A Snack For None And All (1 688 725B)

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Gmail now has Contacts List editing

Your Contacts list is similar to an online address book. You can store thousands of names and addresses. Every time you send a message, Gmail automatically adds the email addresses in the to:, cc:, and bcc: fields to your contacts list. You can also add, remove, or update your contact information at any time by clicking 'Contacts' in your inbox.
To delete a contact:
Click 'Contacts' on the left side of any Gmail page. (new)
Select the entry you would like to delete by checking the box next to your contact's name.
Click 'Delete Selected' at the top of the page.
Click 'OK' to delete your contact.
To edit a contact:
Click 'Contacts' on the left side of any Gmail page.
Click '[edit]' next to your contact's name.
Edit the desired field(s).
Click 'Save Changes.'
To search your contacts list:
Click 'Contacts' along the left side of any Gmail page.
Enter the name or address you are searching for in the search box next to 'All Contacts.'
Click 'Search Contacts.' Contacts Search Tips:
Your search must by in English.
You can use prefixes.
You search by a person's first and/or last name or by part of a first and/or last name.
You can search by domain or username. For example, searching for '@gmail.com' returns all contacts with a Gmail account.

-yes this post is lame and boring. directly attributable to my 3 hours of sleep. Damn you sushi nightmares!
PS Katsu on the Danforth rules, and Gmail needs a WAP interface.

Monday, October 04, 2004

The X-Prize has been won (probably)

By the time you read this, the team at XPrize is undoubtedly sifting through data to determine if SPACESHIPONE has won $10 million dollars. Beginning at 9am EST live coverage will begin in Mojave CA, where one hour later SpaceShipOne is scheduled to make it's second trip into the Jebusphere. Official distance press release is at 1:30pm. My guess is we're about to be bombarded with a crap load of Microsoft tie in promotions. Best of luck to SpaceShipOne, but know that Davinci will still clobber you in the swimsuit competition.
Live broadcasting begins at 9am EST here
read more: http://www.xprize.org

Friday, October 01, 2004

Instant brain aneurism (flash toon)

Fwd: Beyond TV 3.5 Release Candidate 1797 Now Available

Dear SnapStream Beta Tester,
We're happy to announce that Beyond TV 3.5 will officially launch on Friday, Oct. 8th, at 12 a.m. (central time). A timer will appear on our homepage in the next day or so to help us countdown to this momentous event. It's been about nine months since our last major Beyond TV release. We hope it's been worth the wait.
Thank you, Beta Testers, for all the time and effort you've put in for us. We couldn't have made it this far without your help. That being said, the second release candidate of 3.5 is now available for download. This build addresses a number of problems as reported through the betaprogram.
Fixed in this build:
* The WebAdmin expiration manager now properly shows the space being
used by the Recorded Shows.
* Keep Max Episodes function now deletes files when it should.
* Free space indicator graphic now shows space properly.
* Recommended PVR-250 drivers are now the latest release from Hauppauge.
* Channel change timeout now raised to require hitting enter by default.
* Mute indicator graphic has been updated.
* GDIplus.dll is updated to fix the jpeg flaw.
Thanks for your help,
Zack, SnapStream Beta

Jaysay: No, thank you Zackattack. So pleased its going golden so soon. So not pleased I'm now going to have to go through another "remove-beta-install-official-release-hope-schedules-don't-get-erased". I also hope my BeyondTV Link clients still work. I heart them. "1676 " is working so well right now, frankly I'm scared to upgrade.


This site now has a favicon, that will display (IN FIREFOX) on the new alarmclock page http://j1.ca/alarm.htm. I've also been fiddling around with Flickr. If I sent you an invite, reply so I can have free full res photo storage. Please do this now, I'll wait here.
Welcome back.
One last announcement, independent laboratory tests have confirmed: her milkshake is better than mine. Voluntary recall in effect, please accept refunds at point of purchase.
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