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Thursday, July 28, 2005

DubTribe Farewell Performance

dubtribe sound system LIVE imperial dub, san francisco
f a r e w e l l t o u r

After eight years, DUBTRIBE SOUND SYSTEM announces their long-anticipated return to toronto for a final live performance of beautiful and organic, deep, funky house grooves. during the height of the underground party movement of the 90's, dubtribe helped define the era with favourites such as "equitoreal" and "sunshine's theme", while boasting releases on top labels such as bmg, jive electro + defected, as well as their own imprint, imperial dub recordings. this loving san francisco duo is world-renowned, attracting caravans from far and wide to witness their awe-inspiring and infectious live sets that spread the message of goodwill, peace and love. please join us as we celebrate their farewell performance and share one more dance together in the beautiful and historic steamwhistle brewery.

hali netmusique.com/poundhouse
mike lambert sumkidz
leelee mishi sumkidz/chicks dig it

telefunk soundsystem LIVE sumkidz/semiotik/coalition
gerald aka matrix poundhouse
jamie watts poundhouse
rollin' cash sumkidz/just cause
+ splee3kebo sumkidz

*visuals by siren sativa + blankfoto

friday, july 29, 2005. performances begin at 10pm sharp.
steamwhistle brewery ~ 255 bremner blvd. s/e of front + spadina (19+)

tickets $25 in advance
$30 @ the door before 12 (if available): arrive early to avoid disappointment.

tickets available at the following locations:
shanti baba (546 queen st. w.)
2 the beat (161 spadina ave.)
play de record (657a yonge st.)
black market (619 queen st.)
numb (250 queen st. w.)

hosted by hal (poundhouse/netmusique), mike lambert & leanne (sumkidz/om festival).

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

ok this one might only be for me


full segment

The story of two brilliant mathematicians, a unicorn, and a homemade supercomputer.
The Metropolitan Museum of Art's celebrated unicorn tapestry was surprisingly difficult to photograph. Find out why.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Are you kiding me>!!!!!

Need toast? You’ve got it. Want a poached or hard boiled egg? It’s yours. And if you want them together in your favorite breakfast sandwich, the Egg & Muffin Toaster also warms your pre-cooked meat. Bingo...ready to eat in about four minutes. It’s sort of the drive-thru breakfast without the drive. One more way Back to Basics helps you make the foods you love.

Jaysay: Hello poodglin comeback.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Switching out modem

old modem
This modem loses sync for no reason and is showing signs of general wackness.
below is a screen cap of a high-avg download speed. If speed decreases with the same file, from the same FTP I will be forced to use my Lion/Monkey customer technique on support.
(this post is also an excuse to try out Blogger's photo uploadery thing, even though the image is already on Flickr. Scroll all the way down the page to see the last 5 or so Flickr images.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Journeys through VoIP

An unabashed superfan of VoIP, having worked with three (sigh, yes 3) VoIP start-ups, I finally found the time to read the specs on the Sipura 1001
The device is impressive. I knew I was going to need a decent hardware phone to play with the codecs that interest me, but no Canadian providers allow for the open tweakery I was looking for. I've previously reported that I have had phenomenal success with Stanaphone and an old leftover USB handset from my last gig. Stanaphone gives you a free (NY area) real, PSTN (regular number) that you can use to accept FREE and unmetered incoming calls. Outbound calling is 2.5 cents/min USD (like 3cents CDN), but extra features such as free voicemail to email, forwarding with web interface and fax->email all free up the value considerably. I still believe (although dropping paypal was a bad move) that Stana's pre-paid and no monthly fee is the smartest pricing structure for timid VoIP newbs.
So yeah, I have this service I still have an account balance with, and a SIP device with broadband internet. What I needed was a more practical Canadian telephone number to make the system work for me. I located a Canadian (Embrun ON) company
Unlimitel that sells Canadian DID numbers. Basically I was thinking I would buy a phone number and redirect calls to the US number. What eventually ended up happening was; I registered my device with their full SIP server to use them directly for incoming calls on the Sipura's second line. On the first line I set up Stanaphone account and used them for my outgoing calls.
So IN with the ON Unlimitel number and OUT with the Stanaphone number...all worked well BUT.... I lost the voicemail. So for an additional 5/month CDN, I added no answer transfer to my line with Unlimitel.ca and it will roll to an alternate Stanaphone number which I never log into, and therefore goes straight to voicemail. The Stanaphone voicemail system is set to send the wav file of my voicemail to one email address. I made that an alias email account at my domain, and forwarded the message to both a webmail account I check frequently and to my cell phone's SMS email address. Within a minute or so of someone leaving a message my cell gets a txt with the callers name, number, and voicemail length. I can then decie to call back or check the message from any computer. The next step is to see if a dittybot type app is capable of calling me to play back the wav. So right, the device was expensive but the day I received it,
Voxilla.com opened it's freight and import tax free Canadian store at http://store.voxilla.ca/product.php?productid=16150&cat=248&page=1/
COSTS: Of course there is the prohibitive cost of the Sipura device, but that can be recouped in a few months when you consider even Sprint service is like $35/m with only 1 feature. With my setup my line is locationless, I can plug in the Sipura wherever I find ethernet and still get my calls and vmail is always available by email. I get the following features configurable way beyond what a normal telco would allow: Call Display, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, Voicemail to email, Fax to Email, Call Return (auto redial), and Speed dialing.

  • $50CDN balance on the Unlimitel account to cover local INBOUND calls @1.1cents/minute (over 4500 min with no expiry)
    (edit: transfers to the US Voicemail will cost you 3cents/min CDN usually only one min, unless some is sending a long fax)

  • $2.50/month CDN for the Toronto Phone number

  • $5/month CDN for the forwarding out to the Voicemail system (Unlimitel no answer transfer) With research I'm sure this could be configured on the Sipura itself.

  • $5USD ($6.10CDN) balance loaded to the Stanaphone account to cover the cost of Outgoing calls 2.5c/min (thats 200 minutes, and again that balance doesn't expire)

    The other Stana account I use for voicemal is free. The rest of the magic is just tireless configuration research. It works perfectly, quality is phenomenal and I'm completely satisfied with the gear. Monthly cost $8.63CDN with tax, setup cost $157.43 with tax. The device I own and can use it with any service.

  • May sound like alot but over 12 months with all fees and taxes in=21.75/month. Still cheaper than the most basic of home service. My use is to compliment my cell when charging or out of range, this may not work for your scenario.

    Wednesday, July 06, 2005

    Interactive Wisdom Dispensing Yoda

    The Yoda Interactive Jedi Master. $29.73 at WalMart USA. Look, stories, trivia and wisdom from a ‘fully animated’ Yoda. Could you ask for anything more? The only thing better would be to have him actually staying with you for a long weekend break. [hmm…you do realise Yoda not real is?…Ed]
    Yoda comes alive when activated, becoming fully animated with moving head, mouth, eyes, ears, arms and body # When prompted, he tells stories from any of the six Star Wars films # He tests your knowledge of Star Wars trivia # He answers yes or no questions # He knows more than 600 phrases.
    Check out the Demo here
    From http://redferret.net

    Tuesday, July 05, 2005

    Flashback Tuesday

    The Friendly Giant

    Video: circa 1958 CBC

    A guitar-playing chicken hangs in a sack on a castle wall while a giraffe with blue spots sticks his head in through a nearby window. They are, of course, Rusty and Jerome, there at the invitation of Friendly Giant, an affable father figure in a medieval costume. Together the three were some of the most enduring characters in the history of CBC children's programming.
    A creation of Bob Homme, the program began at a small commercial TV station in Wisconsin in 1954. In the late 1960s The Friendly Giant was pulled from Educational TV stations all over the United States in favor of a new concept entitled SESAME STREET. Consequently, the easy-going giant (a precursor to the gentle-natured Mr. Rogers) moved to the Canadian Broadcast Network but his show continued to be offered in the US. Originally there were two puppeteers - one each for Rusty and Jerome - but soon Rod Coneybeare, a CBC radio veteran, was operating both.
    For 26 years, young viewers were greeted by the harp-and-tin-whistle tune "Early One Morning" as Friendly (played by Homme) lowered the drawbridge on the miniature castle. He would invite them to have a seat:
    "One little chair for one of you, and a bigger chair for two to curl up in, and
    for someone who likes to rock, a rocking chair in the middle." Then: "Look up,
    look wa-a-ay up…"
    and there was Friendly, soon joined by Rusty and Jerome. The rest of the show's 15 minutes were occupied by gentle chat among the trio, followed by a story or a musical performance. Friendly played the recorder, Rusty was on harp or guitar, and Jerome sang. Each week a pair of puppet cats - Angie and Fiddle, the Jazz Cats - also performed.

    At the conclusion of each show, the castle's drawbridge slowly closed as night
    fell over the castle, and a cow jumped over a full moon.
    In 1984 the federal government made considerable cuts to the CBC budget. Friendly Giant was cancelled shortly thereafter, though CBC executives said it wasn't related to the cuts.
    -Many thought that CBC canceled FG instead of other less popular shows to try and create enough public outrage to get the cuts reversed (CBC is government funded). Now when other government funded enterprises are given budget cuts, and then turn around and announce some popular/needed program will be cut because of it to try and get the cuts canceled, the strategy is called 'killing the Friendly Giant'.
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