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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

What's better that catching a scammer? Scamming one.(p-p-p-powerbook)

"It started with a scam, and turned into the greatest prank ever. You can read about it all in the detailed storyThe P-P-P-Powerbook
I haven't heard from the scammer since he paid for it. And if he's reading this. . .I WIN YOU FUCKER"

An oldie, but so so good

WebMail w. Included POP3 access

-jay say: useful for GPRS phones that must have a valid pop3 incoming. (stupid)
FREE POP3 accessible email addresses with many features you just can't find anywhere else. In addition to our commitment to quality, speed, and reliability, we offer accounts featuring:
FREE POP Mail Access - Read your mail with your favorite program.
Large Mailboxes - Store thousands of messages with up to 100 megabytes of space.

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Share Bookmarks via Web.

Hyperlinkomatic is a smart alternative to dumb lists of favorites and bookmarks.
You can grab links, makes notes, set multiple categories, search links, import links from web pages, upload bookmarks, create bookmarks files, share links, publish links. It is, in short, a place to keep your links.
After all, the net's bigger than a favorites list. And it's not getting any smaller...
jay say: interesting concept, easy to use...why am I not using it?

Spiderman altered text funnies

Yes, it's completely immature and stupid, but really quite funny. This website consists entirely of three panel excerpts of Spider-Man newspaper strips with the dialogue changed. Keep hitting reload to get a new strip.
compliments of robotfilter

double cd case from paper


David with one Long Arm (cartoon)

This is David, he's got one long arm.

Monday, June 28, 2004

Better than Tweak UI

Fresh UI is a fresh solution for configuring and optimizing Windows. Loaded with hundreds of useful hidden settings in Windows XP/2000/NT/ 98/95/Me, this software covers the customizing and optimizing techniques that you'll be glad to know, such as:

Auto RecycleBin Emptying

Select "Empty Recycle Bin automagically at Shutdown" to have T-Man automatically empty your Recycle Bin whenever you log-off, restart, or shut down your computer.
Select "Don't show Oscar when emptying the Recycle Bin" to prevent T-Man from displaying a dialog every time the Recycle Bin is emptied.
Select "Don't show splash screen at startup" to force T-Man to load quietly and invisibly at startup. Note: This also disables T-Man's sounds.
Select "Hide system tray icon" to prevent T-Man from putting a small trash can icon in your system tray. To access T-Man's options when the system tray icon is hidden, simply re-run T-Man using the Start menu.

Password schemas for the lazy.

Password Scrambler allows you to automatically present unique passwords to the sites you visit, while remembering only one password. It achieves this by uniquely "scrambling" your password for every site you visit. Every site gets a unique, secure, hard to guess password, while you only remember one.
jay say: great concept, good emplementation, bad for multipc foos like I.

Super Furry Animals

super furry animals - hello sunshine (note to download)
Phantom Power is not only a great album, it’s an album that reflects what it feels like to live in the year 2003, warts and all. Songs like “Liberty Belle,” “Out of Control” and “Hello Sunshine” all comment on the negative aspects of Americanisation, because, as Gruff says, it’s all “out of control.” I spoke to him on the line from Toronto about this and many other things besides

Saturday, June 26, 2004

Pintsize, you slay me.

Friday, June 25, 2004

Comic: Boy gets Robot Arm that lets him fly.

Free IM Status icons for Web/Bulletin Boards

Online Status Indicator is a service that lets you put a small image on a web page to show if you are online on AOL Instant Messenger, ICQ, Jabber, MSN Messenger, and Yahoo Messenger. Use the default icons or create your own status icons. This service is completely free

SnipURL better than TinyURL

Tinyurl gets ass kicked by crazy coders at Snipurl.com
Website URLs are getting longer and cumbersome. Not only are they difficult to remember, it is also a pain sending them in emails because they wrap on to more than one line and become un-clickable! SnipURL is a fast and free service that allows you to "snip" your long URLs into small, compact PERMANENT links for sharing in emails and remembering easily.
-webpage/services accessible in 5 languages
-nickname/personalize short urls like http://snipurl.com/w00t
-lock snipped urls with password http://snipurl.com/w00t-password
-snip multiple links on one page
-export your links history to excel??!!
-edit links previously created (free signup req'd)
-this:"REAL REDIRECTS"-if you snipped snipurl.com/e (pointing to www.copyright.gov and you have directories and files below that level, you can access them using "http://snipurl.com/e/carp/index.html" which is actually http://www.copyright.gov/carp/index.html.
-simple, text only version for text only people and minimalists http://snipurl.com/teindex.php

Free IP->URL aliasing

No-IP Free

No-IP Free:choose a name for your computer linked to you IP address. Even better, we also provide you with a program that notifies us whenever your computer's IP address changes. Instead of being just a number on the Internet, your server is now always available by the same easy-to-remember name.
IP addresses are difficult to remember. With No-IP free, your computer now has a name, not just a numeric address.
Make Your Location Constant
Even better is that your name remains the same, even when your service provider changes your IP address behind the scenes.
jay say: invaluable for snapstream users with zero memory, like me.

Web Based 100MB FTP->only better!

What is Dropload?
Dropload is a place for you to drop your files off and have them picked up by someone else at a later time. Recipients you specify are sent an email with instructions on how to download the file. Files are removed from the system after 4 days, regardless if they have been picked up or not. You can upload any type of file, mp3, movies, docs, pdfs, up to 100MB each! Recipients can be anyone with an email address
jay say: this friggin rocks, a little slow on the upload, bit very very convenient.

128 Bit Encryption for MSN, free

SimpLite, the free MSN Messenger encryption solution

You are using MSN Messenger to chat with your friends or colleagues. Did you know your messages are sent over the Internet in cleartext form?
By encrypting messages before they leave your computer to the Internet, SimpLite-MSN prevents eavesdroppers from reading your personal MSN Messenger conversations. As the original successor of Simp 1.0, SimpLite-MSN benefits from state of the art algorithms to secure your messages, whilst maintaining an intuitive interface.
SimpLite-MSN is free for personal use at home or at the office. The only restriction is that only one product from the SimpLite family can be launched at the same time: either SimpLite-MSN, SimpLite-AIM, SimpLite-ICQ or SimpLite-Yahoo!.
jay say: get this or you're stupid

Free VoIP links

http://www.pulver.com/fwd FWD(22815)via IPKall: 3602070485
3132280024 (wont work for you)
http://www.geefon.com (still working 8/24)
http://www.stanaphone.com 9146186372

Dial our local access number 416 644 3733
Listen to only one 10-15 second informative message.
Then enter the ten digit number you wish to connect to. - example (905-555-xxxx)
Wait as we automatically transfer your call for free.
Talk as long as you want.
24 hrs, 7 days a week.

web based web proxy type anonymizer thingie

jay say: useful to see if it's just your DNS thats screwy or a web page is actually down.


pop3-webmail (no bullshit)
http://www.mail2web.com (canadian eh)

Webmail->POP3 clients (Gmail, hotmail, yahoo in Outlook)

hotmail: http://www.boolean.ca/hotpop/
yahoo: http://yahoopops.sourceforge.net/
gmail: http://jaybe.org/downloads.htm

PSTN->Freeworld Dialup

freeworld dialup dialthrough number 2122023036

Remove Windows Messenger from XP

remove win messenger
Start-> Run then paste in this string without the quotes.
"RunDll32 advpack.dll,LaunchINFSection %windir%\INF\msmsgs.inf,BLC.Remove"


When you sign in to Messenger, it remembers every email address / .net passport that you signed in under. To remove an item from the list of remembered names:
1. In Start menu select Run
2. enter: "control userpasswords2"
3. Go to Advanced tab
4. Select Manage Passwords Button
5. Add or Remove items at will

REMOVE ADS FROM msn 6.2.0137


Note: this is for the latest version of 6.2, 6.2.0137. You can check your version, by choosing Help > About MSN Messenger from the programs menu.
When you have the HEX editor running, follow these steps:
Make sure you are not running messenger. Right-click its icon in the system tray, and from the menu select Exit
Now you'll need to locate the messenger executable msnmsgr.exe, it will normally be in \Program Files\MSN Messenger\
Make a backup of the file. Right-click msnmsgr.exe and from the menu choose Copy. Now right-click on an empty area in the same folder, and select Paste from the menu. The backup will be named Copy of msnmsgr.exe. If you ever want to get back to the original file, simply delete msnmsgr.exe, and then rename Copy of msnmsgr.exe to msnmsgr.exe
From the menu in XVI32, choose File > Open, locate msnmsgr.exe, and open it
From the menu, select Address > Goto, select hexadecimal, and enter E5E61, press OK
The value selected will be 74, simply type EB to replace it (so 74 becomes EB)
When done select File > Save from the menu, and exit XVI32
Reopen Messenger 6.2, now without the ads!

Monday, June 07, 2004

Morning Grunt
"Escalating Asshat"
3 cheers for this douchebag who dispite the prevailence of escalaters in every mall and airport on earth has not grasped the concept of stand right-walk left.
Come on dude.
New Shirt. Today i am wearing a large white longsleeved shirt. It is both big, and white. It also has sleeves, long in size. One feature I enjoy about this new white shirt is the normal sized collar. I dont know who these mungo-neck jerk-asses are that screwed up neck sizing for the rest of us, but, they need a boot to the head.
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