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Monday, May 02, 2011

May 7th - A proper booty party

Saturday May 7th - 225 Sterling - Toronto
Promise Dirty Motor Warehouse party

It's all about Miami Bass, Booty House, some Chicago Jack, and the ghetto-tech sounds and stylin's of Detroit City in a proper warehouse space!

Rollin' Cash
Little j
Mike Tull

225 Sterling Ave, unit 23
10pm onwards

for friends and friends of friends

advance tickets $15 in stores next week

David and Irving


The Party
We hold the 6th reincarnation of our superfun Dirty Motor series in that great warehouse space from last year (NOT the dance studio...) with all the art on the wall. These events are lively, sweaty and spontaneous, and the music is time-tested party music. People have been asking us each year to have another one, and this space is perfect for it. Big bass drops + over the top lyrics = wow!

Here are some photos and an article about the previous event:


The Space
This warehouse is home to our buddies Daniel, Thomas and 7 others! It's a spot tucked into the warehouse district of Sterling St. They are a great group of musicians and artists and their space is full of murals, found objects, bands and rehearsals. We're really happy to be working with them on this event and we think their place is lively enough for a proper Dirty Motor party. It's not a massive warehouse, so remember to get your tickets in advance because it can sell out. We are supplying extra washrooms in consideration of the ladies and for party comfort.

Btw, if you're interested in volunteering to help us decorate and set the space up, please reply to mdave@sympatico.ca.


We've always had a ton of fun each year at the Detroit Electronic Music Festival, and their Sunday features a Ghettotech/Booty House stage. It's regularly the best fun of the weekend with people losing it hard to music and there's always awesome breaking circles to check out to the fat electro. Big bass drops + over the top lyrics = wow!
So our idea was to feature Detroit sounds that no one is hearing here, and really make a party out of it.

At it's core the night will feature a Miami Bass, Detroit Booty House and Ghetto Tech set, but mixed in, the night features a nice blend of old skool Detroit electro tech (like Juan Atkins), likely with a quick mixing slightly banging fun style (like Jeff Mills), and some house too. We find that the minimal sort of Berlin sound we hear a lot of is cultured and sweet, but there are other types of techno that are simply pure raw fun. We want showcase that kind of fun and get our crazy on.

We'll see you at the party.

Also, coming up soon is Detroit's Electronic Music Festival and here’s where you can get more information on that: www.paxahau.com

Promise Cherry Beach Parties
We will be starting up our summer outdoor Sunday parties after we come back from the Detroit Festival in early june. Keep your eyes peeled for the updates.
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