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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Wash away 2009.

"Feel It All Around"
Washed Out slows down Gary Low's "I Want You" and keeps the listener asleep aboard a comfortable airliner or adrift in calming ocean waters — depending on your particular interpretation, of course. The song is indicative of both the artist's title and the song's as there is a tingly cleansing feeling experienced as the song progresses, never going anywhere in particular and never needing to.

From the always awesome Jonk.

Monday, December 28, 2009

If your kitchen sink faucet looks like this...

And the aerator collar on your kichen faucet just spins or turns rather than loosening...
Then you need to feed a pair of needlenose pliers, scissors, or spoon into those notches to remove it.

It's going to be tough, turn to the left and it will eventually give.

Sweet sweet Brita on-tap filtered goodness.

yes, i know this is random but i just spent like 15 minutes googling for a tool or something to remove the thing and finally went at it with a spoon. Respect the rounded warrior.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

knowin' what to say when i know you keep tellin' all the lies
don't you know it's no surprise just to find you here ?
what you say and what you do.
how we should call it off like i say we should.
what you say and what you do.
seen your trips, and i've seen you fall.
seen the writings on the walls, and tonight when you're right again.
what you say and what you do.
though moving in reverse, how you always make sure you come first.
what you say and what you do.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Fwd: Introducing: Introducing

MetaFilter by 2or3whiskeysodas on 12/23/09
If you, like so many of us, are a fan of DJ Shadow's legendary 1996 debut album Endtroducing, prepare to get chills watching this nine-piece cover the record from beginning to end. Introducing: Introducing.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Derrick Carter @ Cobra Dec 18

This was an awesome night and a great chance to get crazy with the low light settings on the new Canon s90. A little frustrating at times, and highlights a serious need for fundamentals training, but all in all an amazing last minute cap to my mental week.
Look closely for cameos by Jesse F. Keeler (of Mstrkrft/DFA1979) in the background of the first shot, and Miss Honey Dijon, who is booked at Footwork tonight for a SEVEN (7!) hour set. I could be wrong, but I think that's also CityLine's Tracy Moore in the crowd there too. She can get down!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Temper Trap - Sweet disposition

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

RADIO 17 - Channel 13 NinjaCuts

I guess while we're on the topic of Ninja Tune, you might do with a reminder that one of the labels pillars of Ninjetic authority is coming round in January....
Mr. Scruff returns to Toronto's WrongBar January 15th for a live DJ set....and yes, that is a Friday, so no excuses lazy.
Doors 10pm $15 at the usual places.
Check out the Milkaudio mixes here, here, and here......and here...........and also here. Toronto lubs some Scruff. For true.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Graffiti Taxonomy

Graffiti Taxonomypresents isolated letters from various graffiti tags, reproduced in similar scales and at close proximity. The intent of these studies is to show the diversity of styles as expressed in a single character. In these photographs, the ‘S' is reproduced from photographs of tags taken in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, while the 'A' is reproduced from tags from Central Park North to 125th St. in Harlem.

This project is still in progress. I am currently seeking any leads for funding or from publications that would allow me to complete each letter of the alphabet from tags found throughout New York City. Please send any leads tofi5e@ni9e.com. Big thanks to all NYC writers, anyone who enjoys this project is really responding to the forms they have created.

POSTER AVAILABLE IN TORONTO AT http://www.function13.ca/
156 Augusta Ave Toronto, ON M5T 2L5 416 840 1010 x138

Thursday, December 03, 2009

A Boom Bap Continuum...

"A Boom Bap Continuum... ten years of beats from '99 to '09"
2tall, Kper and DJ Clockwork present... A Boom Bap Continuum. A short history of a sound aesthetic... Hosted on SoundCloud.com
The intention behind this is simple: to highlight the lineage of hip-hop production and beat making from the turn of the millennium to the present day, and perhaps shed some light on the fairly quiet revolution that has been taking place under the surface of mainstream media in recent years.
With some strange tags being applied to the current standard in beat making, I feel it it is important to shed some light on to this lineage. This is a journey from late 90s crate digging, to the circuit-bent soundscapes of the so called ‘post-dilla’ era.
I hope this music inspires you as much as it has inspired me these past 11 years.
Jim 2tall, London, November 2009

Download ‘A Boom Bap Continuum’ in 320kbps .mp3 format (right click and save as)



These days however, ever since adopting the Ghostbeard moniker, Jeff really just wants to play reggae, dancehall, jungle, dub-step, and all things ragga-related… Sure he's got other jams on hand and will swing that way if need be, but it's rare he has to… Having dealt with a wide range of classic reggae & dub labels at previous distribution jobs, been a buyer for some of the first jungle labels out of the UK, held down a reggae/dub night residency, and setting his credit card on fire every week with on-line dancehall 7" purchases, his collection runs deep and nerdy…but most importantly dancefloor rocking.

you will like

Tracklisting :

Boy Better Know "Too Many Man"
Toddla T feat Serocee "Soundtape Killing"
Poirier feat. Face T "Enemies"
Jahcoozi "Black Barbie" (Stereotyp remix)
Donaeo, Rubi Dan "Party Harder (Heatwave Refix)
MJ Cole feat. Serocee "AO"
Major Lazer feat. Ms Dynamite "When You Hear The Bassline"
Mr Vegas feat. Aaron Lacrate & Debonair Samir) "Whining Machine"
Mr Vegas feat. Verb "Oh My Gosh"
Ms Dynamite "Bad Gyal"
Big Whoop "Ooh Wadda Doo Dadda"
Gorillaz "Dare" (DJ Shepdog "Dare Man" remix)
Massive Music "Find My Way (Kode 9 remix)
Babylon System "Get On Up"
Bassnectar "Art Of Revolution"
Mungo's Hi-Fi "Talk To The People"
Mungo's Hi-Fi feat Ranking Joe "How You Bad So"
Silvertones "Ghostbeard Midnight Hour"
YT, Mr Williamz "Bills"
YT "Write Some Lyrics"
Sugar Minott "Pass It Over"
Marc Wonder & Conscious Fyah "Who A Go Run"
Burro Banton "Girlfriend"
YT, Blackout JA "Champion Sound"
Roots Manuva "Do Nah Bodda Mi" (Xrabit mix)
Shabba Ranks "Halla Fi Buddy"
Ward 21 "Haters"
T.O.K "Reverse"
Tanto Metro & Devonte "Idiot"
Elephant Man "Sky High"
Red Fox & Screechy Dan "Fall In Love"
Don Sharicon "Wine Your Body"
Stephen Marley & Damian Marley "Traffic Jam"
Nicodemus "Keep'n A Dance"
Half Pint "Fever"
Lone Ranger "Fever"
Major Lazer feat. Mr Vegas & Jovi Rockwell "Can't Stop Now"
Nora Jean "Barbwire"

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