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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Handsome Sultan LIVE???! EPIC

Handsom Sultan IS Brian K.

Band Members: 1 sultan; handsome.
Influences: when i was 10, my dad took me to a shady electronics store on kenilworth ave. in hamilton. its the kind of place you bought cable black boxes and other questionable items. the store carried a few black market nintendo games.. 300 games in one type of things. they had this one game, "handsome sultan". it had russian writing on the label. it looked really cool and my dad bought it for me. in the game, you were a sultan who was transported to another dimension and you had to find your way back home through crazy mushroom forest adventure levels. i have since learned that this game was designed by soviet scientists to reprogram children. the game featured subliminal messages and binaural beat music that slowly reconfigured the players consciousness so that they can communicate with other intelligences, outside the realm of normal perception. Record
Label: independent / postunder records
Type of Label: Unsigned

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