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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Be more productive!

Few new services I've been tinkering with.

Tomorrow Fido is disabling conditional call forwarding.
This service allowed me to forward calls to the awesome Phonetag.com service for transcription when I missed a call or my phone was off.
Phonetag takes the voicemail, transcribes it, and send you a txt message to your phone, and to your email, the actual recording, and the transcription. Their pay-as-you plan is 35 cents/msg or ten bucks for 40 messages/month.

-Rather than bowing to Fido and buying a voicemail plan, I'm going to start giving out my voicenetwork.ca number which I snagged for $1/month unlimited on promotion. I then bounce those calls to Google GrandCentral and sprays the call to all my contact numbers, whch includes a Sipphone.com account that rings on my home line's VoIP ATA. The best part, it has some sort of integration with PhoneTag. If Google keeps GC going (they've shuttered a number of services) this seems like a winner.

I've been relying on MS Exchange for my calendaring, leaving me pretty much hopeless when I can't get VPN or OWA. For the personal stuff I'm switching back to Gcal and with the terribly named service from GooSync.com acting as a go between, my cell will be updated on the fly. The free version syncs 30 days ahead and 7 days back.

Now, how am I supposed to create those calendar entries? Use the buttons like a chump.
Non! Dial2Do.com has a local number that records and transcribes your voicenotes, and organizes entries into either reminders or caledar entries. The service also allows you to record txt messages, or email messages which are also transcribed and sent to yor contacts.
Reqall.com seems to let you do alot of the same stuff, and I actally signed up Jan last year, but it's not recognizing my Caller ID, or sending alerts.

I'm sure you're all using it by now, but Evernote.com is awesome too
Edit: Reqall emailed me. It seems caller id is a problem for some Canadian carriers, they've provided me with a test case, and an alternate access number. I'll report my findings.

EDITED EDIT - So Reqall seems to work with a new login number, PhoneTag no longer offers compatibility with GrandCentral

EDIT THE EDIT THAT I REEDITED: LifeHacker is reporting that a NEW GrandCentral will be released soon. "Jeff Huber from Google writes that 'a new [GrandCentral] version on new infrastructure will be coming soon."
OTHER EDIT: Fido still hasn't turned off the Conditional Call FWD - thanks holmes. This whole thing has been quite a dick move. Just leave it on. kthnx
PhoneTag VoiceNetwork
GrandCentral Dial2Do

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