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Monday, March 24, 2008

The Death Set

Stream Album here : Morphius Records

Saturday May 17 Toronto @ Anti (formerly Spin Gallery - above the social)
The Death Set

Sunday 18 Toronto @ The Social
The Death Set w/ Bonde do Role

I dunno...some of it is unlistenable, some of it too poppy and catchy...but there's something to be said for the live show. Take 'Down with Webster's live show at the Sound Academy. I loved it, rushed home and thought I bought the wrong album. Some bands just weren't meant to be listened to easily on a sofa. It should be thrown at you, along with elbows, legs and beer bottles. If you've ever see the Toronto band Bush League, you know what I mean.
The date is a long way off, but set your blackberries. this one will sell out.

The Toronto Star:March 30th
• The Death Set, Worldwide. This whole shouty-lo-fi-punk-with-drum-machines trip has gone on long enough that it must mean something when a band gets you to pay attention to it again. The Death Set makes me think of Wire as rambunctious teenagers with a slightly less arcane sense of humour, and I like that. Out April 22.
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