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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Art Brut Thursday @ Phoenix

For as much as their record rocks, few bands validate the "you gotta see 'em live!" thing as much as Art Brut. Between Eddie Argos' ridiculous ad-libs and his band's high-energy guitar assault, one can't help but leave an Art Brut gig with a big smile pasted across his or her face.

Unfortunately, up until now, you probably had to dwell in or near one metropolis or another to experience Eddie and Co. live and raw. Now you can laugh and rock along without moving your arse from the couch.Way back in January of this year, Germany's Cargo Records snuck out an Art Brut DVD titled Talking to the Kids. The disc collects footage from a live show recorded January 24, 2006 at Cologne, Germany's Stollwerck, along with several music videos, photos, behind the scenes footage, German TV appearances, and other goodies.

Of course if you don't speak German, you might find the narrated portions a bit hard to follow, but we'll take live Art Brut any way we can get it. And we'll be able to get it much more easily come May 22, when Cobraside Distribution makes Talking to the Kids available in the United States.That snappy band, meanwhile, has its revenge with It's a Bit Complicated, out June 26 in the U.S. via Downtown Records, and likely the day before overseas via Mute.

Catch them on a brief States/Canada foray later this month, or in the UK thereafter supporting Maxïmo Park and eventually headlining.
Doors 7pm Tix 15.50 at Rotate This Soundscapes and TicketMaster
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