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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Novel Long Distance services heat up again

Hiya, these are those services I was talking about.
Both websites are horrendously terrible. But hell, at least it works.

Vbuzzer Callback
The first is completely free (for now) at least and requires no sign up or credit card information at all.
Call 416-273-8883. It will ring busy, costing you no outgoing minutes. Vbuzzer will call you back, asking you to tap in a number, which it then dials and connects you. The downside is it will call you back, but you'll need to then type in the number you wish to dial manually.
Great if you've memorized the number, otherwise you'll need to look it up before the process

Requires a signup, but no creditcard unless you need to top up your minutes.
This service gives you 8 callback numbers that you match to frequently dialed numbers.
You dial the number paired to your friend, you'll get a busy tone and it calls you back as Vbuzzer does.
The difference is the service then calls you, and immediately after you pick up, begins ringing your friend.
Whether they are in Canada or the United States, minutes are 4.9cents. You get 40 minutes free (2.00 credit)
if you add the "secret word" miser.

For dead cheap traditional long distance using traditional outgoing minutes, I use both http://Callzone.ca and http://644free.com/.
Onlinetel (Callzone's parent company) ran the hugely successful "Labatt Blueline" service in 2002/3, and now has a yearly flat rate for most southern Ontario for $37.50.

http://644free.com/ began around the same time as BlueLine, and follows a similar model, listen to a 15 second ad, get access to an expanded local calling area.
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