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Monday, December 26, 2005

'ikea sucks boobies on pricing'

ok so wandering through ikea in search of aquarium friendly furniture I came across this little deal. After basking in the post build glory, I was informed by a close industry insider that ordinarily.... Ikea sucks boobies on pricing. Im not sure if thats a good thing or a bad thing...
In this case, I think you would agree, this boobie sucking was pretty positive.
The Kaxas (pronounced ratsass) regularly $120~ on sale for $60. Glass sliding doors and chromy shiny legs. Consult your nearest Vaughn (sp? who cares its not a real city) Ikea for furthur info.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Chris's Files

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Kyle rules and I'm dying etc and this is fun

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

DFA 1979 DJ event / cell number change.

Ola. I know I'm going to painfully regret this, but tonight (Wed, Dec 21, 2005) I'm heading down to Hotel Boutique to check out Jesse Keeler of DFA1979 fame on the 1s, 2s and CPUs. We have a few guest lists if you're into it.
Also, change my contact info. Bell offered me nothing reasonable and Fido offered me $200 literally to leave the store with their phones. If you're thinking of leaving Bell, check out the Eaton's Centre Fido store.
Also performing tonight is the up and coming Tokyo Police Club. Cant wait to check these guys out.


DSRNR presents MSTRKRFT for our Christmas/New Years Party.

MSTRKRFT is the eccentric remix team responsible for the Death From Above 1979 remixes on the album Romance, Bloody Romance: Remixes and B-Side, . MSTRKRFT is the creation of Jesse Keeler (below: left) from Death From Above 1979, and AL P (below: right), the band's producer.

Jesse Keeler's other success, the east Toronto band Death From Above 1979, is fresh off a six week North American tour with Queens of the Stone Age and Nine Inch Nails. When asked to describe their music, DFA stated: "We don't have any convention about our band—we don't consider ourselves heavy metal, or hardcore, or punk. Ultimately, we want our songs to make people completely lose it". Consider it a mission accomplished boys! Now Jesse and AL P are taking over the local club scene with MSTRKRFT!

The party is being held at Hotel Boutique Lounge, located at 77 Peter Street north of King on December 21st 2005. Doors open at 9pm, cover is $5 before 11pm, and $10 after. This event is 19+.

click for map

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Big Choons Weekend

Pocket Dwellers w/ Guests TBA
December 16th, 2005 at Mod Club Theatre in Toronto.
Buy tickets via Ticketmaster Buy tickets via Ticketpro Tickets available at Rotate ThisTickets available at Soundscapes Doors at 8PM

Bedouin Soundclash / Money Mark w/ The Junction and Matt Costa
December 17th, 2005 at Kool Haus in Toronto.

Buy tickets via Ticketmaster Tickets available at Rotate ThisAll Ages Doors at 7PMSold out

Monday, December 12, 2005

NYC is the Place to Zzz

So I survived the ordeal in NYC. The moral of this story, don't book hotels and flights 24 hours before your trip. It's expensive and a direct is impossible.
My considerably unglamerous week went something like this.
Work up at about 4am on Thursday morning to make my Flight + "you're-going to-USA-so-we-get-to unpack-all-your-stuff" customs. The concept of a mini-portable hard drive seemed to freak these people right out, and caused a bit of a scary moment when I thought my docs were going to be confiscated. A bit of fast-talking and forced pre-caffeinated friendiness got me happily through customs and on my way. I grabbed all my crap and dumped it on the floor, out of the clutches of any possibly mind-changing gadget-grabbers. This process lint-a-fied my MEC fleecy and the duration of the flights it looked something like a dusty Q-Tip.
I made it to my stop over in Atlanta...freaking GA. My Sales traveling companion documented my tech-geekery and added to his Powerpoint extravaganza while I gorged on breakfast foods and a my first coffee of the day.
Flight to Newark was uneventful reading the first half of A Scanner Darkly before sleep beat coffee and I started getting groggy. Coffee 2 and 3 staved off sleep, but resulted in some sort of strange sinus revolt.
By the time we hit the ground it was around 4:30pm and I was in full head-cold mode.
Went for dinner/lunch at the Pennsylvania Hotel restaurant, and phoned work for some last minute updates. The Hotel's computers were down, and there was a flood of people trying to check in, resulting in a chaos normally associated with a candy factory field day for the behaviourally challenged. Our graciously inept check in lady sorted us surprisingly well just as I had fully resigned myself to sleeping @ Penn Station (across the street)
Hit K-Mart for sinus stuff and chaecked out Macy's while I waited for the PM side of the carton to kick in. Macy's in short is the Bay, only nicer with lower ceilings and bit of the sprawling chaos of Honest Ed's thown in. Very cool stuff.
I checked out Penn Station and Madison Square Gardens simply because it was across the street and I had hoped I'd spy a scalper for the Bravery/Depeche Mode concert that started in about an hour. I sadly found none, and decided that my medication induced vertigo would probably best be dealt with behind the doors of my "modestly" sized hotel room. I flipped on Jon Stewart, called for a 5:45AM wake up, looked over my notes and set the tv timer. ZZZzzzz.
The R.. presentations went ok, BAAAD connectivity in the boardroom made for some clever fill-in moments but the Sales/Tech back to back worked out really well.
During the latter part of the presentation I had a chance to tend to my email, which sent word that my return flight had been cancelled.
I flew home via Cincinnati with a 2 hour layover. A quick bite and a boozydrink got us within a few minutes of boarding. I edited a mix for Stefan's X-Mas party on my laptop and tried not to think about how uncomfortable my shoes were.
Hit the Corporate X-Mas party and de-briefed the CEO who seemed pretty impressed.
All in all it was as rewarding as it was ludicrous.
Here's to another year of Chaos.
-P. Danger

Monday, December 05, 2005

Them.ca Art Show @ "It's Not a Deli"

Them.ca Art Show @ "It's Not a Deli"
Thursday, December 08, 2005
until Thursday, December 22, 2005
986 Queen st. West. FREE

Opening December 8th 7pm - Close
Exhibit: December 8th - December 22nd

Scott Harber :: Beaston :: Daser :: Case :: Chilango :: Erin English
Labrona :: Brenden Fenn :: Notime :: James Mejia :: Dixon :: peru
Recka :: Stefan Thompson :: Thesis :: Liam Thurston :: Lisa Thibodeau

Chip Laqueur::Jingle Jangle::JauntySans Ohmm::Lazy Suzan

Thursday, December 01, 2005

The Birth of the Cubicle Superhero

December 1, 2006

Dealing with the dilemma of your overloaded inbox

techyJay, a.k.a. “The Cubicle Superhero”, is a self-professed tech junkie with a passion for music and culture

How exciting! Your friends just left you a message saying they just landed a huge recording contract! They just emailed you their new smash music video, audio samples, press photos and plane tickets to Japan!

So you fire up your email program and wait patiently...and you wait...and you wait.

The email never comes.

You call your friend back and he tells you they got some weird email error saying you rejected it...so they thought you were just jealous.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, allow me to introduce you to the hottest new act: ATTACHMENT QUOTA! This is not actually a college radio press kit; it's a cautionary tale of how to avoid frustration.

What the heck are attachment quotas?
Attachment quotas try to protect the email system (and users) from being bogged down by limiting the number, and size of files people can attach to messages.

Almost everyone uses email on a daily basis, be it for work or play. In fact, there are approximately 60 BILLION emails being sent every day. Now, with that much data going back and forth, you can imagine how busy our information super-highway really is.

Your Rogers Yahoo! Mail has a total message size limit of 20 MB. That's enough for about four or five large images or audio files. But if the person to which you're sending that 20MB email is using a slower Internet connection, you're forcing them to stall at your message, before anything else comes through.

Don't clog the pipe!
The way email servers work, you're forced to download messages in the order they are received. So say your family is in the habit of sending a huge number of attachments (photos of Uncle Fred etc.), you may not get the important business email that comes in behind that.

The same Internet speed limits could prevent users on slower speed packages from being able to send out files over 3 or 4MB. If it's a video clip you're looking to share, see if it has already been posted to YouTube.com and try sending a link to that instead.

This issue is compounded with multiple photos. Consider Aunt Trudy emailing five photos from her trip to the Himalayas to her 200 closest friends. That's 1000 duplicate copies of the same spitting camel shuttling around the Web.

Share photos not headaches
Quite a conundrum, no? Well, actually it's not at all. With photo services like Flickr and Rogers Yahoo! Photos ,you can upload your images and simply send an invitation to view those files.

Recipients, instead of receiving individual huge files, are presented with a personalized message, an album image and a link to view the rest of the images in the series. It's easier on your mail server, easier on the recipient, and healthier for the Internet on the whole. Your unlimited Rogers Yahoo! Photos service also has the added benefit of greatly simplifying photo touch-ups, along with making it easy to organize your snaps.

Alternative solutions
Are you sending contracts, financial or medical reports, legal documents or personal documents? Rogers Secure Mail allows you to protect all your business communications.

With a single click of a button, Rogers Secure Mail lets you encrypt your email so that only the designated recipient can access it at the Digital Pick-up Centre site. Just to be safe they will have to provide the correct answer to a predetermined question to unlock the email.

There is a small monthly fee, but it's a small price to pay for peace of mind.

If you're looking for a free solution, Yousendit.com and Mailbigfile.com both allow you to compose an email as you would in Rogers Yahoo! Mail, but instead of sending the attachment via email to its destination, they are placed in storage. Your recipient is sent the note you typed, and a download link to the 100MB (max). No registration is required and uploads are fairly fast, but files will be erased after a couple of days so make sure you save a copy on your own computer.

Hopefully this article will give techies and non-techies alike a little less to worry about, and little more to be merry about during the holiday season…and hopefully I'll be spending my holidays in Japan!

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