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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Video iPod, watch tiny Lost for $300USD

video ipod showing Desperate Housewives.

Apple Unveils IPod Capable of Playing Videos, Deal With ABC to Sell Episodes of TV Shows
SAN JOSE, Calif. Oct 12, 2005 — Apple Computer Inc. introduced an iPod capable of playing videos on Wednesday, evolving the portable music player of choice into a multimedia platform for everything from TV shows to music videos.

Videos will now be sold online alongside songs on Apple's iTunes store.

Citing a groundbreaking deal with ABC Television Group, Apple chief executive Steve Jobs said video offerings via iTunes will include episodes for $1.99 each of the hit shows "Desperate Housewives" and "Lost," which will be available the day after they air on television.

Jaysay: Damn. I'm in, unless the screen is ugly. oh wait $300 USD? I'll just buy Pat's when he finally hacks it to play video and sound then promptly gets bored with it.
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