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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

What a miracle! I didn't have to pee in the car.

At about 3:00 I sat the trainees down to watch "Power Talking" a very "educational" customer service video that I could only palate for about an hour or so. Stepping a meeting with the Office Manager, Supervisor and Partner Relations, we remarked upon the wickedly strange weather. "lemmie know if anyone sees 4 horsemen riding by." Clever.
As we dug into the meat of the material we all heard a strange engine noise, I noted I had not heard before. The Air France landing was at Terminal 2, the furthest runway from where we stood, yet the noise was startlingly loud through double paned glass.
Moments later through the boardroom windows the thick fog that had accompanied the torrential rain over the last 4 or 5 hours darkened with an acrid smoke.
The Highway already slowed by dumb idiots scared of the rain, was closed immediately shutting off easy access to my mandatory stop along the way home.
I had not peed. I hurriedly emptied water bottles fearing the worst.
A miracle occurred approximately 45 min later when I managed to find a free left turn lane, into a restaurant that knew the street I was hunting for, allowing me to snake my way to my destination without touching a thoroughfare. They also miraculously let me use the bathroom. It was miraculously unoccupied and smelled miraculously clean.
Just goes to show you, miracles do happen.
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