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Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Wednesday, August 24, 2005

PSP firmware upgrade out

Currently downloading now. This is version 2.00 which incudes the official web browserator.
Full review after install.


Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Its all over, everyone out of the pool.




Saturday, August 20, 2005


Originally uploaded by

Yup. I'm a dummy.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

The Origin Of Ctrl+Alt+Del


jaysay: Quicktime video of a panel discussion regarding the development of the Control Alt Delete shortcut.
Watch as Bill Gates orders an assasination with a single raise of an eyebrow.
Contributed by random Chatango user.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Google Toolbar updates....itself.

So my Google toolbar, that I have arranged just so on all my machines decided to completely reconfigure itself today (about 5 min ago). Faaan tastic. Perhaps next time they could give me the option to update or not turdheads? Or maybe now an option to revert....
Although to be honest I havent looked at the new features, but from what I see I already knew about, tried and unstalled the desktop search, use my own spell check and have no need for address look-ups on this page.
It may not be evil, but it's annoying. De parvis grandis jerkwad.


edit: and theres a whole new set of privacy issues to discuss with these new features. yay.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Pixel Roller

The "PixelRoller" project is a collabortive investigation into a new creative tool between Stuart Wood MA (RCA) Interaction Design and Florian Ortkrass MA (RCA) Design Products.
PixelRoller is a paint roller that paints pixels, designed as a rapid response printing tool specifically to print digital information such as imagery or text onto a great range of surfaces. The content is applied in continuous strokes by the user. PixelRoller can be seen as a handheld “printer”, based around the ergonomics of a paintroller, that lets you create the images by your own hand.
Actually the whole site is pretty kick ass, check it out.

JaySay: reminds me of this:http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/3045158.stm only way way cooler.

edit: also see this, bike/SMS powered spray messages:http://www.bikesagainstbush.com/blog/about.php

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

What a miracle! I didn't have to pee in the car.

At about 3:00 I sat the trainees down to watch "Power Talking" a very "educational" customer service video that I could only palate for about an hour or so. Stepping a meeting with the Office Manager, Supervisor and Partner Relations, we remarked upon the wickedly strange weather. "lemmie know if anyone sees 4 horsemen riding by." Clever.
As we dug into the meat of the material we all heard a strange engine noise, I noted I had not heard before. The Air France landing was at Terminal 2, the furthest runway from where we stood, yet the noise was startlingly loud through double paned glass.
Moments later through the boardroom windows the thick fog that had accompanied the torrential rain over the last 4 or 5 hours darkened with an acrid smoke.
The Highway already slowed by dumb idiots scared of the rain, was closed immediately shutting off easy access to my mandatory stop along the way home.
I had not peed. I hurriedly emptied water bottles fearing the worst.
A miracle occurred approximately 45 min later when I managed to find a free left turn lane, into a restaurant that knew the street I was hunting for, allowing me to snake my way to my destination without touching a thoroughfare. They also miraculously let me use the bathroom. It was miraculously unoccupied and smelled miraculously clean.
Just goes to show you, miracles do happen.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Partying in the City of God


Coke. Guns. Booty. Beats.In the slums of Rio De Janeiro, drug lords armed with submachine guns have joined forces with djs armed with massive sound systems and rude, raunchy singles. Welcome to the most exciting—and dangerous—underground club scene in the world.By Alex BellosBlender, June 2005

Five A.M.: In the sultry depths of Rio de Janeiro’s Nova Holanda shantytown—or favela (pronounced fuh-VELL-luh)—more than 1,000 people are dancing in a narrow street. A wall of speakers stacked 15 feet high and 60 feet wide sends a dirty electro beat shuddering through the ground. On a tiny stage, MCs Juca and Paulinho* shout out the lyrics of their hit “24 Hours”: “Bullets into the Terceiro,” they say in chorus. “Shoot the snitch!” Suddenly the crackle of gunfire cuts through the bass: From the middle of the swaying crowd, someone is shooting into the air.A sea of hands goes up: The men point their index fingers and cock their thumbs, waving imaginary guns over their heads. Other hands form into C and V shapes—the Rio gang sign of the Comando Vermelho, the “Red Command” drug faction that runs this favela. On the stage beside Juca and Paulhino stands a young man in his early 20s; he has a pencil moustache, wears an expensive blue T-shirt with a picture of a surfer on the front and is holding a sub-machine gun. He smiles with approval at the show.

Subyou powdered alcopops


They look harmless enough, the inconspicuous packets often next to the cashier at gas stations, convenience stores, beverage stores and bars. But according to consumer protection officials, that's what makes them all the more dangerous, since the powder inside contains alcohol, and a lot of it -- about 4.8 percent by volume. That is the equivalent of one to one-and-a-half glasses of liquor. Add the powder to cold water, and consumers have an alcoholic drink containing either vodka or rum.
While authorities were able to curtail the consumption of alcopops with a special tax on the drinks last August -- which put them out of the reach of many teenage budgets -- these new alcopops in powder form cost between 1.65 and 2.40 euros ($2.06 and $3.00) per package.
The powder was first sold over the Internet, and word spread quickly among teenage circles that those under 18 could order off the Internet without fear of being asked for proof of age.
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