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Thursday, July 28, 2005

DubTribe Farewell Performance

dubtribe sound system LIVE imperial dub, san francisco
f a r e w e l l t o u r

After eight years, DUBTRIBE SOUND SYSTEM announces their long-anticipated return to toronto for a final live performance of beautiful and organic, deep, funky house grooves. during the height of the underground party movement of the 90's, dubtribe helped define the era with favourites such as "equitoreal" and "sunshine's theme", while boasting releases on top labels such as bmg, jive electro + defected, as well as their own imprint, imperial dub recordings. this loving san francisco duo is world-renowned, attracting caravans from far and wide to witness their awe-inspiring and infectious live sets that spread the message of goodwill, peace and love. please join us as we celebrate their farewell performance and share one more dance together in the beautiful and historic steamwhistle brewery.

hali netmusique.com/poundhouse
mike lambert sumkidz
leelee mishi sumkidz/chicks dig it

telefunk soundsystem LIVE sumkidz/semiotik/coalition
gerald aka matrix poundhouse
jamie watts poundhouse
rollin' cash sumkidz/just cause
+ splee3kebo sumkidz

*visuals by siren sativa + blankfoto

friday, july 29, 2005. performances begin at 10pm sharp.
steamwhistle brewery ~ 255 bremner blvd. s/e of front + spadina (19+)

tickets $25 in advance
$30 @ the door before 12 (if available): arrive early to avoid disappointment.

tickets available at the following locations:
shanti baba (546 queen st. w.)
2 the beat (161 spadina ave.)
play de record (657a yonge st.)
black market (619 queen st.)
numb (250 queen st. w.)

hosted by hal (poundhouse/netmusique), mike lambert & leanne (sumkidz/om festival).
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