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Sunday, June 05, 2005

HarbourFront Breaks N' Breaks Festival.

July 8-10
Jaysay: How weird and disjointed it this lineup...
More techno than breaks but happy to have the blissful Harbourfront stage being used for something like this.
I hope like hell the Platinum Pied Pipers show


July 8-10
Toronto's only free outdoor electronic music festival returns with a feast of live performances - from house to hip hop and techno to funk-punk. Want more? Check out the lifestyle - visual projections, graffiti and breakdance competitions!

TRIBE® Photo Chillout Room at the B.B.C. Festival July 8-10

York Quay Centre
Open all Weekend

Rare Photos from raves, nightclubs, and warehouse parties 1993-2005

Thousands and thousands of rare images from the TRIBE MAGAZINE and tribe.ca archives, taken from the beginning of the electronic music scene in 1993 until the present day will be displayed on large TV monitors positioned around the perimeter of the gallery space.

In the center of the room, giant overstuffed beanbag chairs will let people meet, relax and talk, chill and watch, or just take a break between the outdoor shows while images from the scene surround them.

Jaysay see:

Platinum Pied Pipers (USA) Friday July 8th 9:30 pm
This Detroit Hip-hop and Soul act/project is the creation of Wajeed - a founding member of Slum Village and producer to Dwele and Jay Dee. Their self-titled Ubiquity debut dropped in May and features appearances from Spacek, Jay-Dee and more!

Denise Benson (Toronto)
Lakeside Terrace: Friday July 8th 11pm
Programmer and host of Mental Chatter on CKLN 88.1fm, Denise Benson recieved her first turntable at the age of four. Since 1987, Denise has been DJing nu jazz, downtempo, dub, and deep house around the continent and in the last nine years has continuously been voted Toronto's Top DJ by NOW Magazine and Eye Weekly reader’s polls. artist website

LaConnor (Vancouver)
Toronto Star Stage: Saturday July 9th 4:00 pm
Carinet, violin and drums merge with digital sound samples and ambient noise to create a strange and fascinating sound hard to qualify - we think of it as a soundscape. Experimenting with electronica, folk music, classical chamber music, and electoacoustics, this act is a unique decoration of sound. artist website

Jeff Milligan aka Algorithm (Toronto)
Toronto Star Stage: Saturday July 9th 6:30 pm
Trendsetter Jeff Milligan was the first DJ in Canada to use three turntables. His now legendary style of techno and house music has earned him recognition as the most technically talented DJ in the world as he uses his American, German, and British influences to go beyond the limits of genre.

Out Hud (Toronto)
CIBC Stage: Saturday July 9th 8:00 pm
Mixing cello, bass, guitar, drums and decks to create electro-funk with a punk rock attitude! artist website
"Bloops blooping bloopily: Computer World gets renamed Wowwee Zowee; dawn comes creeping at the robot factory; sundry noise flares and techno squiggles hit the pillow like chrome dreams. - Village Voice

The Quantic Soul Orchestra featuring Alice Russel (UK)
CIBC Stage: Saturday July 9th 9:30 pm
Will Holland (aka Quantic) wanted to “put something back” and then “put the funk back in it”! That’s how QSO was born... rough, raw and real, with a deep funk sound, heavy bass lines cracking drums and a full horn section. This is their North American debut and only show on the continent! artist website

Holy F**k (Toronto)
Brigantine Room Saturday July 9th 11:00 pm
Garage sale keyboards provide the electronic sounds for this band - no computers, samplers or drum machines! Scratching is done using a 35 mm film synchronizer - perhaps the only group to use this as an instrument. artist website
“...like you’re standing 2 feet away from a construction site on peyote.” - Anne Sulikowski

Andrew Allsgood (Toronto)
Brigantine Room Saturday July 9th 11:00 pm
Eclectic jazzy dance music that bends genres with broken beats and experimental electronic soul.
‘People always draw on the past... because they're looking to the future’ - Andrew Allsgood

DJ Tim Patrick (Toronto)
Toronto Sar Stage: Saturday July 9th 1:30 pm
Recognized for his contribution to the Toronto rave scene and the famous Industry club, DJ Tim Patrick brings fresh tracks and spins tech-house to get your body moving! artist website

DJ Sara Scruton
Long&McQuade Lounge: Friday July 8th 7:00 pm
DJing since 1995, Sara moved to Detroit in 1996 to be at the centre of the action! Her music is a tasty blend of funky tech-house and Nu-Jazz. She’s toured Europe and played with DJs like Stacy Pullen, Mike Huckaby, Kero and Dylan Drazen.

DJ Steve Yanko (Toronto)
Toronto Star Stage: Saturday July 9th 3:00 pm
Bringing people together with his disco song "Fever" and the Queer as Folk soundtrack, DJ Steve Yanko is influenced by dub, rare groove, jazz, soul and disco. He showcases his skills at Fez Batik on Tuesdays.

Tom Kuo aka task (Toronto)
Toronto Star Stage Saturday July 9th 5:00 pm
A special live performance from one of Toronto's best techno producers. Tom pushes the boundaries of electronic music by creating a flow of futuristic abstract sounds.

Vince Ailey
Long&McQuade Lounge: Saturday July 9th 5:00 pm
Live house and hard funk

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