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Saturday, June 25, 2005

The Arcade Fire performance on MMVAs

WMV streaming video below.

For those who didn't catch it (which included me up until today) Montreal's Arcade Fire played the MuchMusic Video Awards a while back, last week I guess. Whatever.
The performance begins with a wash of rumbling noise, cameras panning through a passage of comatose parade musicians. The rest is just inexplicably cool.

The Arcade Fire performance on the 2005 MMVA
Watch the footage here.
WMV format, 5:44, 50ish MB.
it should download while it plays, if it stutters, right click and save

NEW* Click here to view 'Laika' live, in high bandwidth FROM NME.COM
Video for video for Lies: same song performed on MMVA
and finally from bradleysalmanac.com http://www.bradcast.com/files/TheArcadeFire-WakeUp.mov cache in wmv
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