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Saturday, April 23, 2005

Jtron's PSP review

So thanks to the redemption of Chapters Indigo gift certificates that covered about half the cost, I took the plunge and picked up a Sony PlayStation Portable. Quite frankly, it rules completely.
I do a lot of video stuff and I couldn't resist that bright screen. I drove the Uma back from work and had a chance to hack around with it for a few hours the first night and had the browser hack, PSPVideo9 rocking and had already outgrown the 32MB MemoryStick. The unit itself is gorgeous, you've all seen the photos. My only design gripe is weight (although some may argue this adds to it's "solid" feel) and the wiggly plastic shoulder buttons.
The browser hack has become more and more realistically usefull with each version of portal pages, but there should be an official version with full support for coding. Some pages, developed even on the WAP standard make the unit barf back to the start or reset.
Battery life even with WiFi and full brightness seems to be around 5-6 hours. I have honestly had no problems.
The graphics are awesome, I was fortunate enough to save about $10 on the odd Chapters bundle which gave me Wipeout Pure, NHL whatever, Spiderman 2 and the (royal) Sampler. The sampler includes a few music videos from shitty bands and demo reels from non-playable games. Even the PS1/2 had playable samplers. Jerk asses. Graphics although slightly more choppy on NHL than I had expected, were realistic and fluid. Capping the PSP at 222MHz does not seem to be hurting the performance that I could see. Multiple option screens defore you can actually play Wipeout makes me weep though. If they can save my vehicle and progress, why cant they save my language preference?
Ok MEMORY. Seems either Sony is controlling the Memory Stick tighter than DeBeers with the blingo, or there are alot more people with these units than I thought. The 512s ($108) are "out of stock" everywhere. So your options at present are the
1 GB High Speed Memory Stick PRO Duo™ Media $259.99" or the still overpriced
256 MB Memory Stick PRO Duo Media $69.99
bashtards! The 32 meg card with overhead is around 29 MB of usable space. At a usable quality, you're eating about a minute a meg. Translation, you are screwed. After consulting the henchmen at the Sony store who say they won't have the 512MB sticks in "for quite a while" my fate was sealed.
At this point with the limited game and video releases, this product is still a little on the expensive side. Once memory prices come down, video to PSP is faster and titles like RockStar North's GTA are released (June7th) it will make this device much more valuable.
Upcoming: Logic 3 is releasing this handy keyboard that will hopefully get some use in the future with a quick and easy standards compliant web browser!
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