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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Spike Lee spoke out.

The Ryerson Student's Council brought Mr. Spike Lee to Roy Thompson Hall last night. Nothing incredibly moving or mind shattering said by the littlest rich man I've ever met, but it was worth attending. Craziest moment happened during Question and Answer period...
A kid got up and asked the difference between depicting the struggles of the hood, versus exploiting the violence for box office sales. Spike requested a specific example. The guy noted some thought "Boyz in the Hood" was exploitative in this way. Out of the back of the theatre a voice screamed "I was going to ask that!"
Spike Lee then invited the voice to the stage. John Singleton, director of Boyz in the Hood then joined Lee onstage, responded to the question, and spoke about the inspiration Spike was to him him growing up.
Great great moment I felt priveleged to see.
A better review than I could write here. The event was especially nice having scored front row center seats from Ryerson.
As a writer-director, actor, producer, author and
philanthropist, Spike Lee has revolutionized the role of black talent in cinema.
Widely regarded as today's premier African American filmmaker Lee is a
forerunner in the do-it-yourself school of independent film. Lee's films, Girl
6, Get on The Bus, Do The Right Thing and Clockers display his ability to
showcase a series of outspoken and provocative socio-political critiques that
challenge cultural assumptions not only about race but also class and gender
identity. This speaking engagement will be followed by an exclusive Q&A

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