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Saturday, January 29, 2005

Regrettably, Roger kicks puppies/eats babies

Well this friggin sucks. The Toronto Star published an interesting piece on Thursday... Rogers is killing the CityFido plans dead. The new replacement plans include the benefits of a "greatly reduced" free calling zone and 50cent/min fees when roaming outside these regions. People seem generally happy with the changes. I'm glad I stayed with my grandfathered 1350min $50 free e/w starting at 6pm plan with Bell. With the PAINFULLY crappy service I've been getting from Bell I was ready to jump ship to anyone, in spite of any cancellation fee.
From Tyler Hamilton's blog:(he wrote the TorStar piece)
"The original CityFido offered the following: Unlimited local calling, number portability and included the service access charge (normally an additional cost of $6.95) for a grand, tidy total of $45.
The new CityFido still includes the service access fee and LNP, but here's what has changed: A $45 plan with only 750 minutes or a $65 plan with 1,500 minutes. No more unlimited local calling. Also, it has made the local calling area smaller to make it "more urban-focused." Gee, thanks. Calls made outside the zone will cost 50 cents a minute -- Yikes! Calls made after plan minutes are used up cost 30 cents a minute. Yikes again!
You'd get a better deal signing up for a U.S. wireless plan. 50 cents a call? Are we operating in 1988 or something? Customers on the older plan will only be grandfathered for a year.
Existing CityFido customers should be p*ssed, and the Competition Bureau should be ashamed for permitting Rogers acquisition of Fido without imposing some conditions. The analysts I'm talking to say this "redesign" is the last step before completely killing Fido, likely sometime next year."

Jaysay:I predict the birth of Virgin Wireless will not bring the promising alternative others predict. Reselling the already pricey Bell Mobility services will result in crappy long term contracts and only slightly cooler phones. From what they're advertising in the States, I am unimpressed.
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