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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Gates schleps new media centre and players

View a video of Bill Gates' presentation at the Digital Entertainment Anywhere Event Oct. 12, 2004 in Los Angeles, Calif.:
Bill Gates' Keynote, Digital Entertainment Anywhere Event (300 Kbps, 1 hr. 3 min)
What's the vision for Digital Entertainment Anywhere? Well, it's that you should be able to have your music, your photos, your video wherever you go. And that means a lot of different places. It means having those media experiences on the phone in your pocket, having a portable device that kids can watch movies in the back of the car, being able to have these things anywhere in the home, whether it's a bedroom with a TV screen, a room that you've just got your great speakers in and you like to listen to music. And the experience should be unified. If you set up a playlist, it should be available everywhere. If you supply the music, all the devices should be able to play that music. This is a very challenging vision to achieve because it's not something that one company alone can do.
From last month's keynote. Im so out of it. Damn the snusnu
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