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Saturday, September 11, 2004

Use your home cordless or regular phone to talk on your cellular

I am a very cheap man, that doesnt sleep very well.
Thanks to the wonders of Snapstream I just watched a Screen Savers feature on "Cell Socket" (which is actually a Pulver Innovation). CellSocket rules, but it's only available in Motorola pinouts which is mostly for the charging capabilities I assume. So I googled around for a stereo 2.5mm or 3.5mm to RJ11 adapter.

It doesn't exist..yet.. However, why wouldn't this work?
really really good looking diagram ->http://j1.ca/jtron/ph.jpg

2.5mm female plugs exist or can be adapted to fit all cell phones for headsets.
That can be adapted to a stereo 3.5mm female plug
Y split the 3.5mm plug in the phone to 2 RCA ends L/R (earpiece/mic feeds seperated)
Two of these http://snipurl.com/8zuv set one to record and one to playback
adapt the RCA end of the Y splitter to 3.5mm Female and complete the connections.
connect the 2 rj11 ends of the phone recorders to a regular phone line splitter like the one that comes with your DSL modem. Connect the single lead in side to a regular phone.

After all those connections, gain might be an issue, but the audio paths make total sense.

And then there's always this thing. It could take the Left and Right (mic/speaker) audio without the last few steps. It says it needs USB power only to "wake up" certain types of phones. If i still care about this in a week, perhaps I'll try it out.
sleepnow. zzz
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