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Saturday, September 25, 2004

Kid Koala->BullFrog Oct.1st $10@Revival

jtron declares mandatory rhumba!

Hello my clever robot compatriots. I have emerged from recharging cradle and interfaced my interweb device for this special social uplink. This upcoming Friday, the Bullfrog unit is playing a gig at Revival that is sure to get your servos oscillating.

Tickets are $10 in CDN human dollars (silly humans)
Edit-> Tix are $16 for Ticketmaster printy style or $10 @ Rotate This!
If you do not go you are a big wiener. (worksafe)

Bullfrog is: http://www.bullfrog.com

Kid Koala: Turntablism
Mark Robertson: Guitar/Vocals
Peter Santiago: Bass/Drums
Ian Babb: Sax/Flute
Gutierrez: Brazilian Drums

"The “Bullfrog Theme” is a great example. Sounding very much like the Beastie Boys’ (who aren’t particularly talented musicians at all but manage to make very appealing, low-key, funk – further proof of the sum of the parts theory) instrumental funk numbers, the theme is constructed upon a “Gratitude”-esque bassline, some slow-motion disco guitar, and Koala’s impressive turntable imitation of a frog’s croak.
"Koala’s restrained contributions are simply one integral factor in the musical sum that is Bullfrog’s funck." Bullfrog isn’t stuck with any one style though on their self-titled EP. “Isn’t So Bad” sounds like a mellow Sly Stone, or even an Aretha tune, with guitarist Mark Robertson doing his best soulful crooning (with some vocal manipulation by Koala) over a melodic ‘60s soul type track. “Mark after Dark” is another soulful love jam, featuring jazzy yet folky guitar reminiscent of Terry Callier. “Snakeskin” showcases bassist Peter Santiago’s Larry Graham stylee while the hidden “Extra Track” could almost be on Koala’s Carpal Tunnel… LP, with Bullfrog’s 3 bar loop replacing a sample over which Koala cuts and pastes a series of hilarious cheesy pick up lines and shut downs. The moral is, if you’ve never heard of Kid Koala, this is Bullfrog, you’ll like them. If you have heard of Kid Koala, forget he’s in the band. This is Bullfrog, you’ll like them."

Robert Whiteman@ AudioGalaxy

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