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Thursday, July 29, 2004

The SAAB Harbourfront Ferriswheel

John Körmeling

Dutch artist John Kormeling’s Mobile Fun, is a 100-foot high, functional Ferris wheel constructed to carry passengers in automobiles rather than regular carriages. Through the summer months, visitors to The Power Plant are invited to ride the Ferris wheel inside one of four SAAB 9-2X automobiles chosen by the artist and donated for the duration of the exhibition. Kormeling’s consistent use of unusual materials and his fascination with contemporary urbanity combine topical issues in design, architecture and city planning. (The Mobile Fun Ferris wheel operates 10 a.m. to11 p.m. daily from June 3 to August 8. $5 admission.)

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Donkey becomes mayor

Sunday, July 25, 2004

Outdoor film screenings (toronto)

Wed, Aug. 11 back field of University College Hoskin Ave, E of St. George S.
9:00 p.m.The Italian Job
11:15 p.m. Invasion of the Body Snatchers

Chicken RunJuly 28th, 9 pm
ShrekAugust 4th, 9 pm
The Iron GiantAugust 11th, 9:30 pm
Smoke Signals August 18th, 9 pm
Undercover BrotherJuly 31st, 9 pm Part of the Hot & Spicy Food Festival.

Saturday, July 24, 2004

Next on Next@CNN next week, Cultured diamonds

In a warehouse in Florida, and another one near Boston, real diamonds are being made in labs. The technique still hasn’t been perfected, but it’s a big step. And what used to take thousands of years to create can now happen in a matter of days, and at a fraction of the price.

Within each chamber, a tiny sliver of natural diamond is bathed in a molten solution of graphite and a proprietary metal-based catalyst at approximately 1,500 °C and 58,000 atm of pressure. Slowly, carbon precipitates onto the diamond seed crystal. A gem-quality, 2.8-carat rough yellow diamond grows in just under three-and-a-half days.

Friday, July 23, 2004

Limecat is not pleased

I'm not really into the whole cat thing, but when they look like astronauts, and are high in vitamin C, I'm all for it.

Wonka crew goes mental, tries to glaze camera

or something like that..
Old news but check that second figure..and i was complaining about ipod prices!
$540,000 camera lens fell into a vat of chocolate....projected at $900,000 loss to the production?

Thursday, July 22, 2004

New Tim Burton stop motion feature in production

Scheduled for release on Halloween of 2005 (duh!), Tim Burton's latest macabre participation in a stop-motion animation feature entitled CORPSE BRIDE

More background than you could ever ask for

A photo of the Bride herself (linked in above item)

House of Flying Daggers sets box office records, trailer here


just kidding: rtsp:// 
I managed to find an english trailer for a movie thats supposedly not even subtitled yet...rispec!

House of Flying Daggers Sets Chinese Box Office Record!
Zhang Yimou's martial arts epic The House of Flying Daggers has just set a Chinese box office record, bringing in $6.7 million while playing on only 360 screens. That's a mighty impressive per screen daily average of $6203 US. On a per dollar basis that's slightly better than Spider-man 2 did in the US this weekend, but when you factor in the fact that Chinese theaters don't charge anywhere close to as much for admission as North American theaters do - this is, after all, a country where new non-bootleg DVDs sell for as little as $3 - Daggers just kicked all sorts of ass in terms of ticket sales. Oh ... and the previous record holder? That'd be Yimou's Hero. Which Miramax has just officially pushed back another week to August 27th in the US.

Hawking:I'm wrong on blackholes, Vincent pissed.

The world-famous author of a "Brief History of Time" said he and other scientists had gotten it wrong -- the galactic traps may in fact allow information to escape

Update: http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk_news/story/0,3604,1266356,00.html

http://www.jeffbots.com/vincent.html (for no reason)
Vincent from the 1979 movie the Black Hole)
V.I.N.cent (left) was dignified. His long lost and previously unknown relative Bob (right) was a sad glimmer of what he use to be. V.I.N.cent sort of spoke like Frazier from television (the dialect, not the voice), while Bob spoke with a southern accent. They both sort of floated around for transportation

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Hooray for pee! (hydration)

Food scientists working for the US military have developed a dried food ration that troops can hydrate by adding the filthiest of muddy swamp water or even peeing on it.
Americans are frikkin' weird.
From Google news.

Hooray for poo! (power)

Monday, July 19, 2004

Toro, its RedBull only more so.

The healthy and powerful VIVA TORO boost comes from energizing herbs, complex vitamins and natural fruit. VIVA TORO contains caffeine equivalent to 2 cups of coffee.
Yes Please.
This is now in Canada, look for it in the GTA soon.

Leo returns to Techtv CANADA

and the world makes just a little more sense.

G4techTV Canada is excited to share some great news with its viewers... the return of Leo Laporte to the Canadian schedule.
Beginning later this summer you will be able to catch Leo in a brand new show produced in Toronto just for Canadian viewers! The format of the new show will be very similar to Call for Help where you, the viewer, get to ask all the tough questions.
Must attend taping.
link courtesy late night ChrisBiscuit.

Ipod mini hits FutureShop, new ipod soon

ho-lee-crap so much moo-lah

http://www.apple.com/ca/promo/visa/ save some $ Visa Apple coupon
Newsweek gets a sneak peak of the New new ipod, so new it's not availble yet.
compliments waxy
UPDATE: It's available...if you've EVER been a University student, it's
$389.00 for the 20GB version
5.6 ounces2.4 x 4.1 x .57 inchesApple EarphonesAC AdapterFireWire cableUSB 2.0 cablePrice includes CPCC's Blank Media Levy - $25

Friday, July 16, 2004

Fun with excessive ramen gorging

Today I ate this http://store.yahoo.com/2yoyo/incupno1.html (the President 850mL Super Bowl). It was amazing. Prep work included 3 minutes of waiting after adding this SICK looking package of oil, a pack of dry flavouring like any normal Mr. Noodles and a bag of dehydrated green onions and whatnot. It was spicy, oily and wicked good. I gorged ravenously untill all that was left was a soupy onion mess. Then i experienced the added benefit of eating close to a Litre of Ramen in 5 minutes. My boss showed signs of concern http://www.merck.com/mrkshared/mmanual_home2/sec03/ch023/ch023d.jsp I showed signs of insanity. I want to go back.
Now i want to go here http://www.bento.com/phgal3.html
museum link courtesy Chris

Google brings out Picasa under the radar

No clue whether this is a paid co-branding or a true Google venture, but it's on my search bar and I fear change.
Picasa works with the digital photo files on your PC to create a better, more organized viewing and editing experience. Picasa will not delete or move the location of pictures saved on your PC.

EDIT: Google bought them. And it looks like there is a lot more on the way from the Goobleheads. looky http://kalsey.com/2004/07/google_on_the_desktop/

and this yesterday "search by name" http://www.pcworld.com/news/article/0,aid,116910,00.asp

Thursday, July 15, 2004


The year is AD 859 and China’s once flourishing Tang Dynasty is in decline, with its incompetent Emperor and corrupt government. Rebel armies are forming in protest and unrest sweeps across the land. The most powerful group among these armies is The House of Flying Daggers. It is also the most mysterious and admired by the people, as the Flying Daggers steal from the rich and give to the poor.
We join the story as the House has just lost its founder and a new leader has emerged. Following the capture of a blind revolutionary (Zhang Ziyi), a devotee of the House, two police captains come up with an elaborate plan. Captain Jin (Takeshi Kaneshiro) goes undercover, and poses as a lone warrior out to rescue the beautiful revolutionary from prison. By earning her trust, he and Captain Leo (Andy Lau) expect that they will be able to escort her to the headquarters of the House and seize its leader. But Jin does not expect to fall in love with her along the way, nor the ensuing consequences.

Aaaand sad again.

damn mothy wallet and lack of teleportation.

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Pause for disco.

THE online music resource, and best of all, regularly updated. I started to search for other similar sites. As time progressed so did the list. It grew so extensive that one-day I thought to myself why not make a site that contained mainly Deep House links. Well, I did just that.
Fartron's list is mentioned in there...frikkin bizarre
update: this is an old bookmark on a pc im losing, thought id post it, but, its hit and miss as to the links that work

Divx dvd player at Radioshack.ca

Looking for a DVD player that will play DiVX and Xvid movies? RadioShack.ca (Search for product #161-6420) has the Philips 642 DVD Player that can play DiVX and Xvid movies for $99, but you should be able to find it available all over the place for around $100. This unit can be hacked to be region free as well. This is a great price for such a functional player! There is a HUGE thread discussing the player in the forums that is probably worth a read.
Courtesy of the redflagdeals all must obey the redflag

The Cowbell Project

Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keys. The foundation of rock music. Occasionally strings are used to give a lush, orchestral feel. But we all know when a song needs that extra oomph, that extra push over the top, there's only one thing that will satisfy: The Cowbell.
compliments of the presurfer


kobayashi professional tubsteak eater

Not only is the site freakin random, the audio clip is hilarious.

also check this link:
"Kobayashi continued to dominate the sport of competitive eating in 2003, once again obiliterating the competition in Coney Island by eating 44.5 hot dogs in 12 minutes. He has scheduled several additional visits to the United States in upcoming months, sending shock waves through the eating community"



MoCoLoco is a web magazine dedicated to everything related to modern contemporary design and architecture, including; residential architecture, interior design, furniture, accessories, lighting, floorcoverings, wallcoverings, books, websites, audio-video, online & retail stores and more. Our design-savvy audience stops by frequently to check out the latest news, reviews and recommendations for products and services.
It's edited and published by Harry Wakefield, a fan of MoCo (who’se really moco loco).

.type, click, surf, drool, check bank account, weep...repeat/


courtesy of chris

Jtronforce recommends you red this one sleepy on a sunday when all you have to worry about is ingesting, digesting, napping and remote control placement

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Finally some stinkin robots

I happened apon this guy's photoblog. It's amazing.
The city of Toronto I know composed brilliantly and rendered with equipment none of us will ever be able to afford. Check out the montage sequences.
Here is a robot.

John Peel is not Ian Pooley

John has been with Radio 1 from the beginning in 1967, establishing himself with the late night programme Top Gear. John was the first DJ to give exposure to punk, reggae, hip-hop, long before they crossed over into the mainstream. Almost anyone who is anyone in the world of music has recorded a session for Peel.
John recently celebrated 40 years on the air and continues to seek out the best new music around.
-sorry i coulnt remember this guy's name during a discussion i had a while back. I used to listen to this guy in high school, still rockin at 128 years old.

UPDATE: Someone put together a collection of MP3s featured on Mr.Peels radio program.
It seems as though its not being updated, but its a nice diverse collection of tunes.

UPUPDATE: John Peel performs as commentator in the Carol Morley short film "Everyday Something:True Stories From the 21st Century" currently airing on the DOC channel in Canada

the funk show

Craig is recognised the world over as Dave Lister - the curry-devouring, last-surviving human in BBC 2's hugely popular sci-fi sitcom Red Dwarf. He has also been seen and heard as a performer or presenter on a whole host of programmes as diverse as Through the Keyhole, The Bill, Radio 4's Kaleidoscope and of course the irresistible carnage of Robot Wars.
...the funky einstien

datemark: the ship goes down

the all asia pass

Think of it - you could visit magnificent Hong Kong, tropical Bali or Cebu, tradition-rich Bangkok, ultra-modern Singapore, or fascinating Malaysia - these and many other destinations are all yours for one low price. The basic All Asia Pass is priced at an amazing USD $1,199 / CAD $1,899

music for robots


the first but not the only mp3 blog i feel is of remarkable merit

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

GUNKANJIMA lost island


Off the westernmost coast of Japan, is an island called "Gunkanjima" that is hardly known even to the Japanese. Long ago, the island was nothing more than a small reef. Then in 1810, the chance discovery of coal drastically changed the fate of this reef. As reclamation began, people came to live here, and through coal mining the reef started to expand continuously. Befor long, the reef had grown into an artificial island of one kilometer (three quarters of a mile) in perimeter, with a population of 5300. Looming above the ocean, it appeared a concrete labyrinth of many-storied apartment houses and mining structures built closely together. Seen from the ocean, the silhouette of the island closely resembled a battleship - so, the island came to be called Gunkanjima, or Battleship island

http://www.kiddofspeed.com/ GHOST TOWN - Chernobyl Pictures
To begin our journey, we must learn a little something about radiation. It is really very simple, and the device we use for measuring radiation levels is called a geiger counter . If you flick it on in Kiev, it will measure about 12-16 microroentgen per hour. In a typical city of Russia and America, it will read 10-12 microroentgen per hour. In the center of many European cities are 20 microR per hour, the radioactivity of the stone.

Thursday, July 01, 2004

Ben Stiller's:Heat Vision and Jack-torrent

First up, the best TV pilot you've never seen: Ben Stiller's Heat Vision and Jack from 1999. Jack Black stars as Jack Austin, an astronaut on the run from NASA after a solar accident makes him the smartest man in the universe. Owen Wilson plays his talking motorcycle. Produced by Stiller, who also appears in the introduction and as a strip club DJ.
courtesy of waxy.org

Review- http://noshadowkick.com/review-heatvision-jack.htm

Free Fonts.

By the summer of 2000, Larabie Fonts had been redesigned three times, there were more than 400 fonts available but the site had become very large. Ray wanted to keep Larabie Fonts free for people to enjoy but he had to accept a few font-related ads to help cover some of the cost of paying for bandwidth.
jay say: solid free fonts from a professional Sheridan College trained artist.

the non-drunk versions of the stuff I was talking about...


Atom Teleportation (the non-MIT explanation)

The ScramJet engine

Kyle Cooper, the title sequencer so good, some directors refuse to work with him
(paragraph 2 line 13)

MP3 Downloading Legal in Canada (yawn)

DJ Shadow vs Chief Xcel

DJ Shadow vs. Chief Xcel
12-minute freestyle (jawn) - Gift of Gab vs. Lateef vs. Lyrics Born
Quannum's hip hop prowess definately extends to their live sets, not only in the flesh (like the Quannum World Tour this year) but even on the radio as well. these tracks come from a session live on the BBC, available in its entirety on Minty Fresh records [buy it]. it's also available on vinyl from the Turntable Lab.
these two tracks showcase the depth of Shadow and Xcel's crates, and the complete lyrical mayhem that Gab, LB and Lateef can bring. there are rough spots in the freestyle (LB continues his tradition of having a potty mouth, even on the radio), but you try it for 12 minutes. plus, unlike most freestyle sessions, the imperfections remind you that's is fresh, not canned like a lot of freestyles you usually hear live (when you go to two shows in two cities and hear the same "freestyle" lyrics virtually word for word).
It's a powerful collection of hip-hop, and gives you freestyles and skratch sessions in addition to some classic Quannum tracks for those folks wanting something a little more spicey and raw than Greatest Bumps (which everyone should own regardless).
compliments of http://music.for-robots.com
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